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Surrender to Love

Surrender to Love is giving one’s self to Love. A spiritual practice where the I dissolves into Love so that one experiences: Love is all, Love is all that exists.

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Transform your life in a few days with our retreats

Come for a few days and be permanently changed via transformational retreats that integrate all of Rev. Jakob’s work .

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Integrate spirituality into your daily life

In Spiritual Counseling, a companionship is formed, where in the safe environment of unconditional love, spirituality is developed and deepened on an ongoing basis ensuring a living spirituality

Holistic healing

Connect and experience transformational forms of therapy to not only relief symptoms but more importantly change the factors lead up to them. All sessions available long distance and in person.

Rev. Jakob’s specialties: Spiritual counseling, Ericksonian therapy, Parama Bodytalk, Visualization and Imagery therapy, Ayurvedic Health counseling

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Experiences with Rev. Jakob’s work

Jakob is the purest manifestation of Love I was able to spend time with in this lifetime. I was allowed to travel a lot all over the world, have met countless people in many areas of life and if I had to name the one who is radiating forth the purest lovingness it would be Jakob.

We met more then 10 years ago and since then I have witnessed his way very close. He came  to the US with literally nothing, „just“ having along his most purest Intention of being a servant to god and his fellow men. I saw all that is present today evolving miracously out of nothing, workshops and retreats, Communion with Love with all is wonderful activities or the Surrender-Retreat-House in Sedona. It all has manifested only by the Grace of Divinity due to Jakobs most purest intention of being selfless service to God’s will.

I have attend many workshops and retreats with him and we are still in contact on a regular base since our first encounter. With deep humility and graditude I can state:

His loving Presence and his profound knowledge about Divinity in all its expressions is one important reason I transformed into a totally different person than the one I had been the first time we met. But the most wonderful impact of it is, that due to this profound and loving internal transformation I am able to help many people in my life today.

In my personal experience and by all what I have wittnessed over the years I can say from the bottom of my heart: Jakob IS the Radiance of Divine Love that is healing and transfomative for those coming in contact with him. Jakob is my living example of selfless and loving service to God’s will and my fellow men.

Peter Schäfer

Asbach, Germany

I am incredibly fortunate and grateful to have known and worked with Jakob Merchant. In my work with him, the age-old question of how to translate spiritual teachings and knowledge into experiential reality has begun to be realized, and my experience of Love, Joy, and Peace has deepened significantly.  The boogeymen of depression, anxiety, fear and shame used to be relegated to a dark corner within myself to be cursed at and distracted from. Jakob has shown me not only how to heal and grow from them, but to utilize them as avenues to sustainable spiritual growth. 

Having been exposed to many spiritual pathways, groups and teachers, and the pitfalls inherent in the spiritual community, I tend towards caution when hearing about new spiritual teachers that are held in high esteem. With Jakob, I place deep trust in this regard, and have experienced him to be a legitimate spiritual teacher on the pathway of Ultimate Truth and Love. My greatest wish for any friend or family member would be for them to experience the Love available in this pathway. It is my hope that many others are blessed to do so.

Ryan McGinty

Sedona, Arizona

Selecting any one of the principles or practices outlined in this book 10 pages to a living spirituality and applying it, living it, fixating on it, consistently, without exception, no matter what, can take you the whole way Home to the realization of the Highest Truth.

Rev. Jakob has an innate capacity and a rigorous willingness to adhere to these principles and practices in his own life, ergo, the presence of the conviction behind his work is the real deal. When I look into his eyes, which look back at me with raw love (from Above he always reminds me), I witness my whole body soften, the stress and resistance I didn’t even know the depth of which I may have been holding at the time, literally dissipates and, as I surrender to that inner peace, within seconds, a blast of Power bursts open my heart, repeatedly. This sounds like an unusual phenomenon; it is my fortunate reality. May this fortune come upon you too.

Romy Alexander


Jakob is profoundly dedicated to helping others experience the Love that is already present within us. His guided meditations, devotional services, prayers, and courses come right from the heart. The Love there is unmistakable

Susan Adams

Sedona, Arizona

“This book 10 pages to a living spirituality condenses much of what I’ve learned from various teachings and experiences on my own spiritual journey, while also providing fresh drops of wisdom. I think it holds the potential to save the spiritual aspirant much time by outlining and clarifying core spiritual principles. It also emphasizes surrendering to Love at a profound depth that I aspire to in my own life”

Walter Commons

Sedona, Arizona

This small but mighty book (10 Principles to a Living Spirituality) carries such a pure level of devotion and faith that you can’t help but become inspired to revive your own unique connection to God. It is rare to find such a person who can walk the spiritual path and be able to communicate eloquently the depth of the wisdom gained. There is an honoring of God and sharing that a life filled with love is what success is in this life and to be surrendered to love is our highest ideal of awakening. He has creatively awakened the teaching of “Through God all things are possible” by sharing the experience of how love is needed to awaken oneself. I enjoyed feeling the pure vein of love and devotion that this book emanated and while reading I could feel the inspirational faith behind the words. There is nothing empty about this book, it is filled with decadent spiritual food that will leave you feeling fulfilled mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I would recommend this book and all the teachings to anyone on the spiritual path, from those just starting their journey to well seasoned spiritual aspirants. 

Shifu Giusepe Medlin

Sedona, Arizona

This short but dense book is a collaboration of the highest spiritual truths and practices that alone can accomplish the seemingly impossible. Jakob is uniquely matched to share these truths as he lives and lovingly practices them continuously. Finally, these highest of principles are condensed to be easily reviewed & referenced.  

My work with Jakob has been such a blessing. As I look back I see the paradigm I was living, the level of consciousness I was identified with and have to laugh a little.  Bless my heart. The subtleties in the moment turn into the obvious and profound when seen over time. 

In Jacobs sessions one benefits from the intention & level of awareness as well as a consciousness-based system of identifying and integrating the blockages, past belief systems and various energy fields that are the perceived obstacles to higher awareness.  

The bottom line for me is, ‘it’s makes the Path a lot faster and easier’.

Thank you, Brother 

As you always say, Much Love, 

Malcon Taylor

Nashville, Tennessee

“10 pages to a Living Spirituality” is a concise guide in meaningful steps for one’s spiritual practice.  It’s simplicity, honesty and heartfelt direction is foundational for getting one on track towards an unconditionally loving life in the Presence of Love as all that exists.  Rev. Jakob Merchant’s writings, spiritual guidance and spiritual leadership have been instrumental for me in Living Spirituality today and everyday.”

Virginia Schlitt

Austin, Texas

I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Jakob and have experienced healing of very difficult emotions and memories through my work with him. I highly recommend him for his deep listening and compassionate approach to healing.

Darren Dickinson

Phoenix, Arizona

I just finished reading “10 Pages for a Living Spirituality!” While it wasn’t read in one sitting as suggested in the introduction, I love that these important teachings are now available in such a concise format that this is easily possible. Not only can one read it in a single sitting, but also keep it close, referring back to the spiritual principles again and again, until they become what one is. Jakob lives and breathes these teachings and my life has been transformed through his courses, retreats and spiritual direction. It is such a blessing now to have the most important 10 principles highlighted for others as well. Spiritual truth is consistent across pathways,  and at the same time, there can be so much information and approaches that it can be difficult to discern that which is of absolute importance. The principles in “10 Pages to a Living Spirituality” especially the personal will as the fulcrum to enlightenment, Surrender to Love which creates a space beyond the trap of the Void or negation of love itself, and continuous dissolving of the sense of I into Love have  proven to be of tremendous benefit to my own spiritual unfolding and were not found so directly elucidated anywhere else. Definitely a book that is a “journey into the essence of Love” and which, if the principles are followed, provides everything that is needed to realize the truth that Love is All, Love is All that Exists, and that the truth of what you are is that same Love.
This book is a tremendous blessing!
Jenine Gobbi

Highest Good Ventures, Sedona, Arizona

Jakob Merchant is one of those rare people who fill a substantial place in my heart of hearts without seeming to be there at all.  He represents Infinite Love and Devotion and when I feel the need to entrain with that deep untarnished space within, he is there.  When I am not sure what step to take next, he is there.  When there is confusion and doubt, he is there – always with the perfect exercise, the right meditation, the overarching perspective.  Jakob’s insight, wisdom, and loving space have made a palpable difference in my life.  The book you are holding in your hands will prove invaluable to set you on a more direct course to the truth of the Love you are.

Alison Etter

Roberts Creek, Canada

You have done so much for me, Thank You is not enough! I believe you came to me & helped me at a time my soul was calling out for additional guidance was no coincidence.For those who stride for spiritual growth, Jakob is your man. Fixing all the physical issues was also awesome, but giving my soul some peace & understanding was incredible. God Bless you Jakob!

Jane McNeil

Nutrition with Jane, New Jersey

I have been a patient of Jakobs’ for years. Through his treatments I have healed areas in my life I did not know needed work. There were issues I had carried around with me through lifetimes. What a relief to be able to let go off all that baggage! Jakob is highly skilled in BodyTalk, and extremely accurate in his diagnosis and treatment. He has treated me with honesty, integrity, kindness and compassion every single time, and his intention has always been to help heal me. I always look forward to my sessions with Jakob!


Charlotte, North Carolina

Jakob has been an unwavering expression of the Infinite Field of Love since I first met him. Sure, it is easy to express kindness and generosity when we feel like it or when it is deserved.  Jakob’s commitment goes far beyond sporadic displays of obligatory politeness.  Under any circumstance, Jakob yields to Divine Will, an incredible example of what surrender to the Field is, rather than one’s own personal wants, seeming needs, or any opposing doubts or thoughts.  As the Field often is at odds with what we think is the right attitude or action; this is far more difficult than one would presume.  Shoulds and reasoning and everything one has learned may have to be given up, as the Field of Love always serves to the Highest Good and will take us beyond what we already know, as the path is evolutionary. Jakob is a true friend to Devotional Nonduality students from all over the world, serving all as a constant expression of the Infinite Field of Love, he is a living demonstration of the power of surrender.  His capacity to surrender everything, including his own life to Divine Will continues to expand my own capacity, for which I am endlessly grateful.  As a dear colleague, friend and fellow spiritual student he has inspired, lead and been the very Spirit of patience, devotion and dedication.  I once was blessed with an opportunity to bring Jakob, and a few other students who were aligned with devotion, healing and love into a clinical setting where we treated extremely difficult conditions.  By the presence alone of these sincerely aligned students, the space itself became a healing vessel. Chaos transformed into a divinely orchestrated flow of inspiration, hope and freedom. Each individual entering the clinic was immersed in an absolute intention to relieve suffering.  The Field itself prioritized everything and infused the courage for all who participated to give up attachment to long-term ills, endless suffering and all that had been in the way of the shift in consciousness needed to truly heal.  Some healed to an extraordinary degree on a physical level, some healed deeply internally; many, I suspect, can not define what exactly happened and some have yet to fully integrate the experience.  Working with Jakob in a clinical setting was an extraordinary experience in witnessing the field working through us all.  Jakob constantly allows the field to work, setting a healing tone that fills the space with the highest potential for healing and a palpable immersion of unconditional lovingness.  

Sarah Mowdy

San Francisco, California

Thank you very much for your Body Talk Session. After the session I could feel like a major change was made; It took a week and a few days to readjust the change to normal life. The change is still on going but I am feeling more comfortable with it now. Thank you so much for sharing your inner knowingness about relationships with me, through the session

Jordan Keenan

Sandiego, California

When we were about done I stared into your eyes & felt a peace I have never come close to feeling. You were bringing me closer to God. The trust I felt. I want to come back for hands-on sessions 4 times a year.

Christy Taylor

Austin, Texas

I feel more connected to God than ever before in my life since I have been here


Washington state

Jakob, your lessons have led me to such peace. It may have been a particular way you phrased something, or how you shared your Loving intentions, or how you pointed us and guided us – all of which wove an embrace that allowed for a more peaceful and integrated courage to come forward. It was a bringing out of what has always been – before our very existence. Before time – pulling me forward. When I think of what you have given us in this very short time – I thank you and I am most grateful

Donna Hollman

Nelson, Canada

Only someone who is rooted and lives his life in Divinity and Love can bring such teachings to all. I consider Rev. Jakob to be an example of that love and who’s life has become his teachings. Rev Jakob is truly gifted in his teachings and healing techniques and I am very blessed and grateful to have come across his work

Chetan Amalean

Charlotte, North Carolina

2014 제이콥을 처음 만났던 날을 기억한다. 서로 알지 못하는 상태에서 우리는 한동안 서로의 눈을 바라보고 있었다. 순간을 말로 표현하려 하면 무언가 핵심이 빠진 느낌이다. 그나마 가장 적합한 표현은 온전한 현존의 경험이었다는 것이다. 세도나로 이사온 2 , 시간을 제이콥을 빼고 말할 없다. 제이콥 집에서 매일 저녁 진행되는 Devotional Service, 매주 일요일 진행되는 Surrender Group, 그리고 정기적으로 진행되는 Workshop Retreat. 제이콥과 그의 가족의 삶은 그대로 헌신이고 타인에 대한 봉사였다. 작은 자아를 온전히 내려놓지 못한 존재라면 감히 해낼 없는 일이다. 세도나에서의 새로운 삶이 나의 오래된 더미들을 끌어올릴 때면, 나는 서렌더하우스로 향하곤 했다. 혼자서는 도저히 감당이 되던 더미가 서렌더하우스에서 하루 이틀 머무는 동안 자연스레 내맡겨지는 경험을 얼마나 많이 했는지 모른다. 매번 워크샵과 리트릿 또한 언제나 조금씩 에고가 가벼워지는 시간이었다. 그러나 제이콥은 한번도 자기를 내세우거나 크레딧을 주장한 적이 없었다. 그저 무한한 신의 은총이 제이콥을 통해 일하도록 스스로를 신의 종의 자리에 두는 , 그게 제이콥이 하는 전부였다. 세도나에 사는 2 동안 나의 삶은 엄청나게 변했고(내적, 외적 모두) 변화에는 항상 제이콥의 도움이 있었다. 

I remember the day I firstmet Jakob in 2014. Without knowing each other, we looked into each others eyes for a while. If I try to express that moment in words, something is missing. The closest expression might be the experience of being fully present. Now two and a half years since I moved to Sedona, my life would not be the same without Jakob. My life has become more devotional thanks to that services Jakob provides. Devotional Service are offered every evening, Surrender Group every Sunday, and Workshops or Retreats on a regular basis at Jakob’s house. Jakob and his family’s life is literally a devotion to God and a service to others. If you can’t surrender the little self, you can’t do this. When my new life in Sedona pulled up some old stacks, I used to go to Surrender house on retreat. I could not have managed these stacks alone, but it was made possible when I stayed at Surrender House. Also, after each workshop or retreat, things were always a little bit lighter. Jakob never tried to claim credit for my experiences. Jakob simply put himself in the position of a servant of God so that the Infinite Grace of God could work through him. For two years in Sedona, my life has changed tremendously (both internally and externally), and these changes have always been thanks Jakob’s help.

Misun OH

Sedona, Arizona

Rev. Jakob Merchant has distilled the vital  steps along the path leading to enhanced spirituality, and put it in a format that’s easy to keep handy for the purpose of reading often.  These enlightening tenets on 10 pages bear repetition – Very Uplifting! A book I want to keep on my nightstand!

Barbara Thomson

Realtor, Sedona, Arizona

I have no words to say other than my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to what Jakob represents, and to his wife for hosting such  blessed services, meditation and devotional enlightenment retreats and workshops! I have always looked forward to these services even though I live in Tucson, 3.5 hours away!!

Kisah Dan Chin

Tucson, Arizona

Directly from Facebook

Jakob and Fabiola have been absolutely wonderful hosts. They give you your space, and give attention when needed. Extremely accommodating and kind. The house is clean and so cozy, lots of natural light and vibrant plants. the library in the common area has really made this for me, as I love to read but didnt have much space in my suitcase for more than a couple books. Jakobs spiritual counceling and yoga hike services were above and beyond. This place is magical and will always be a sweet spot in my heart.

Haley Brooks

❤️ Hello. My name is Eric Berger and my wife, Stephenie, and I were blessed to be married at the Sedona Surrender Retreat on June 1st, 2019.

It was incomparably the most beautiful, kind, sweet, Divine, Loving, amazing, heartfelt and overall incredible wedding ceremony that I have ever been to in any capacity. Still blown away by it…

The amount of thought, Love, gentleness, consideration and Power that went into facilitating it is a seemingly crystal-clear testimony that it was Divinely orchestrated from start to finish.

Reverend Jakob Merchant is truly exceptional in his devotion, his Love, his spiritual level and his overall undeniable servant’s heart. I feel blessed to be sharing this world with him and his beautiful family.

My wife, Stephanie and I, highly and wholeheartedly recommend anything and everything reference to Communion With Love or the Sedona Surrender Retreat House. Basically, anything involving Reverend Jakob is automatically stemming from lovingness, purity of motive, compassion and Power. ❤️

Eric Berger

Fabiola and Jacob’s house was perfect, and they both were equally wonderful. The location is great if you want avoid the tourist traps on town and dive into nature and incredible views. Their home is beautiful with a great garden and easy access to parks. They are both great communicators, very helpful, super nice, loving and hospitable. Kitchen is stocked with everything you need. The house is definitely stocked with essentials, ranging from shampoo and conditioner to coffee, tea and a creamer in the fridge. Our room as the rest of their house is tastefully decorated, very comfortable bed and extremely clean place. In addition, their breakfast was amazing, not only healthy, but very filling as well. We would visit their house again in a heartbeat. Thank you Fabiola and Jacob for this wonderful experience.

Dita Simone

Jakob and Fabiola are wonderful hosts. Their home is absolutely gorgeous, their breakfasts tasty and nutritious, their labynth, fish pond and hammock are so inviting to help relax, close to Crescent Moon State Park on Oak Creek, near Cathedral Rock. I highly recommended their yoga retreat to anyone staying in Sedona, Arizona

Susan Gerdsen

Directly from Airbnb

Susan And Bob Avatar
Susan A.
Enjoyed two beautiful full moon nights and gorgeous days at Fabiola and Jacob’s “yoga retreat”. It was exactly what we needed ( two women driving Route 66 celebrating our 66th birthdays). It was quiet, serene and spectacularly beautiful, and rejuvenating. I was able to spread out on the lanai to do yoga (mats and straps provided) in the morning light before a stellar breakfast of whatever we had asked for....yogurt, fresh fruit, eggs, toast. Coffee, half and half and other useful items were provided in the communal kitchen. The shared areas were lovely and the place was sparkling clean. We walked each day to Oak Creek, under Cathedral Rock and I was able to paint each day. I wish we had had time for another day of relaxing bliss there. - 5/02/2018
Stepanie Avatar
Wonderful spot and great hosts! - 11/18/2018
Donna Sue Avatar
Donna S.
A spiritual dream come true. Love the property inside and out. Safe and comfortable in all of natures glory. Can't wait to return. - 5/19/2017
Kyle Avatar
A great sanctuary of relaxation! Fabiola and Jakob have thought of little touches to make your stay extra relaxing, like a well stocked coffee and tea center and easy access to the Kitchen.

The house is located right in the Park, with a great view of Cathedral Rock and you can even walk straight out the door and onto the trail that leads there- a huge perk! Thanks for a lovely stay.
- 12/09/2021
Vanessa Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are both very welcoming, and they have created a lovely little haven to stay in. The location couldn't be better! - 8/27/2017
Terry Avatar
Fabiola’s and Jakob’s apartment is more than a place to stay. It is a sanctuary, a retreat from doing to just “being”. It’s an experience that complements your visit to the natural beauty surrounding Sedona. The Yoga Retreat apartment is perfect for recalibrating yourself and having”down time”.
Very peaceful!
- 7/09/2018
Lex Avatar
What a wonderful and peaceful place! Highly recommended to anyone visiting Sedona. You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Fantastic location close to so many special things to see and do in Sedona! - 10/04/2017
Leslie Avatar
Wonderful stay at quiet reflective home/ retreat. Respectful owners. Lovely gardens and close enough to town but a wild feel away. - 8/03/2018
Alina Avatar
Serene and peaceful. A wonderful experience in every sense. Great amenities and wonderful common space with great reading materials. Very comfortable bed! - 12/02/2018
Fay Avatar
Such a quaint clean space next to everything, such sweet people with wonderful recommendations would definitely come again! - 9/02/2021
Karin Avatar
Great location with views. Nice spacious room with private bathroom and tub. Great outdoor space to sit.
Very clean and great location to hiking trails. Would definitely stay again.
- 3/14/2019
Atul Avatar
Jakobs and Fabilas place has a great energy and very peaceful.
They were great hosts .
- 11/12/2017
Paul Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's home is a wonderful way to experience the "Real Sedona". We especially loved the short walk to Oak Creek and access to so many amazing hikes right out the back door. It was great to not have to drive to experience so much of Sedona's charming backcountry. As for the living space, Fabiola and Jakob have created a peaceful and well-appointed retreat within the first floor of their home for guests to take advantage of the natural beauty outside. The only downside is that there are two units and some sounds can carry from the other unit. It didn't really bother us, but could be a problem if you get noisy neighbors and you are looking for an absolutely quiet getaway. Overall, this is a great value for a relaxing Sedona experience. - 6/05/2022
Heather Avatar
Location was fantastic! Host had great recommendations for food and hikes. Would stay again. - 3/17/2022
Shawna Avatar
Search no more, you’ve found the perfect Airbnb retreat in Sedona. From the beautifully decorated space to all the little touches, this is the perfect retreat to come home to after a long days hike. From the robes, and slippers to the clean and stocked shared kitchen and living room, your private room and private bath make you feel safe, secure and secluded. Jakob and Fabiola are kind and thoughtful hosts who care about your experience. The bed is very comfortable and it smells amazing too. Seriously, book this place now. You won’t be disappointed. This was our second stay with Jakob and Fabiola and it won’t be our last. - 1/22/2022
Denise Avatar
I can't say enough good things about this place. So clean and peaceful, with everything I needed to be comfortable. The right blend of helpfulness and privacy. I would return in a heartbeat. - 12/16/2020
Melanie Avatar
A great, private and comfortable stay. Breakfast was delicious, the location was beautiful and very quiet. Nice common area. - 2/27/2018
Lupita Avatar
Loved the location. Close to everything, yet felt like you were out in the country. The place was absolutely adorable and very clean. Highly recommend. - 9/30/2021
Kathleen Avatar
Fabiola and Jake were great. I met them briefly, but they were so friendly and accommodating. The room was amazing. The whole place has a really peaceful vibe. If I'm ever in Sedona again, I'm staying there! - 9/05/2017
Jude Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's place is beautiful, sparkling clean, and in a beautiful location. I'd stay there again. - 5/24/2019
Charles Avatar
Airbnb started out as a good idea, but has become a corporate money-making machine. They have the worst cancellation policy of any organization we have dealt with (especially during COVID). Also, you have no idea where exactly you are about to spend your time. Addresses are not provided until after you reserve the room (so you can not view on (Hidden by Airbnb) earth the neighborhood) and room descriptions can be very misleading.

Having gotten that off my chest, this Airbnb is a great place to stay. The room is about the size of a standard motel with a microwave and small refrigerator. The host lives on site and is very attentive and helpful. The patio overlooking the backyard was quiet and relaxing. The walk to Cathedral Rocks requires walking across a stream, so we walked in wet trail shoes, but in desert heat that was not a problem. We recommend staying at this location and would stay there again if we visited Sedona.
- 10/02/2021
Kellie Avatar
Great location! Perfect if you want peace and quiet. Short walk to Crescent Moon Park. Great views. Very relaxing!!! - 5/19/2018
Alison Avatar
My stay at the Yoga Retreat in Sedona was wonderful! Fabiola and Jakob are excellent hosts, very kind and helpful with anything I needed during my stay. The room is so comfortable and relaxing with beautiful grounds outside. The proximity to Cathedral Rock and so many hiking trails is a huge perk—I was able to do so much hiking without having to drive anywhere! Highly recommend this Airbnb and hope to visit again myself. - 3/05/2022
Uta Avatar
This is a cute, very conveniently located place, hikes assessable from the property, so no need to take a car, the hosts are very friendly and super helpful with tips for hiking in the area and lokal suggestions for food and things to do. - 8/10/2022
Cambrie Avatar
Such a beautiful place to stay! It was a perfect location! Highly recommend doing early morning mediation and trying out there home made breakfast! It was delicious!
We will definitely be coming again for longer next time!
- 6/05/2022
Carter Avatar
An incredibly inviting & tranquil space! Such welcoming hosts. Will be back! - 3/12/2020
Carol Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's "yoga retreat" room is a very restful space to stay. It was perfect for us as we enjoy quiet accommodations and natural surroundings. The location was perfect: only a couple of miles from Sedona with a view to die for and also located within walking distance of Crescent Moon Park which was a real treat. Both Fabiola and Jakob would check in every so often to make sure we were contented, had everything we needed, and to see if they could answer any questions we might have. They are both lovely hosts. If you're looking for a quiet, centering experience this is for you! - 2/24/2020
Kelly Avatar
Great value and fantastic location! - 9/16/2018
Ray Avatar
What a great place! Very close to all of the sights of Sedona. I would definitely recommend and hope to go back in the near future - 5/11/2019
Katrina Avatar
We loved staying here! The space was very clean and we were walking distance to a great hike and a nice creek.

They make breakfast for their guests and you have your own private area to eat and lounge. I highly recommend this location!
- 9/04/2017
Sabrina Avatar
Awesome quiet home with a perfect little kitchen and coffee bar. Beautiful neighborhood and scenic drive! easy in and out access to the house as well. We loved this place! - 5/22/2017
Amy Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are thoughtful, attentive hosts, and the serene location can't be beat. - 10/28/2018
Angela Avatar
Wonderful peaceful place with beautiful surrounding area. Even some hiking trails are accessible without using the car. Everything is made with love there and I would definitely come back, I really enjoyed the stay! - 7/16/2018
Melissa Avatar
This is a very special place that I’m so happy we found. We loved the serene location, the healthy breakfast and comfortable bed. There were so many thoughtful details that made our stay comfortable and memorable. We will stay here again. Thank Fabiola and Jakob for making our Sedona vacation so special with your warm hospitality. - 3/10/2020
Adriana Avatar
This place is amazing. Location was great. Fabiola is a wonderful host, she made us feel like at home. She was so kind to invite us to her thanksgiving celebration. She is very thoughtful

The place is nicely decorated. Comfortable bed, so clean. I was very pleased. You have to try her breakfast...omg best fruits ever.
Fabiola was so kind that she even let us do our laundry so we came back home with clean clothes. Best Airbnb experience ever!!!
I will definitely return to stay at Fabiola’s place when I return to Sedona.
- 11/27/2020
Shai & Steve Avatar
Shai &.
Along the way we have been fortunate to meet some truly fine people. Fabiola and Jacob are two of the finest. Their hospitality is warm and genuine, and their accommodations are just as advertised. We hope to visit them again. - 6/01/2018
Gabriell Avatar
Such a cute home, downstairs has a little kitchen to cook meals in which we did often. Window over looks red rock mountains. Just a 6 drive into town, about 10 min from the down town area. Would love to stay in future! - 10/10/2020
Elaine Avatar
I was very pleased with my stay at this yoga retreat. Jakob and Fabiola were very engaging and helpful. The extra service of meditation and yoga they offered were just what I needed while being house-bound due to cold, rainy weather. I also enjoyed the location due to the spectacular view and it being removed from the touristy downtown. Thank you for a lovely stay. - 3/14/2020
Pixy Avatar
If you are looking for your own beautiful spiritual retreat space with loads
of silence in a divine
nature location... this is It! Stunning views of Cathedral Rock.
- 6/21/2018
Michelle Avatar
Loved the room and location. Fabiola answered any questions or requests we had promptly. Loved the breakfast and it’s only $5 extra per person!! Thank you for the hospitality!!! - 10/30/2019
John Avatar
The bedroom, and other rooms, have a most peaceful and inviting vibe. It truly feels like a retreat. Everything was super clean, and well equipped with countless thoughtful touches. The hosts were very nice in accommodating a last minute reservation. 5 stars all the way! - 6/28/2021
Kate Avatar
Having read thru the previous reviews, I was delighted that this beautiful retreat house was as described! My daughter and I had a lovely visit there. I will add that for solo women travelers, you will feel supremely safe and cared about! - 3/06/2019
Collin Avatar
Absolutely recommend this place. Friendliest hosts, great location for some off-the-beat hikes, and stunning views along the way. Great spot for hiking to Cathedral Rock from a more secluded area away from the mainstream tourist spot. First time I’ve stayed at a shared space and it was still private and comfortable. Would do it all again. THANK YOU! - 5/30/2021
Clémence Avatar
This place is perfect for your stay in Sedona! I would definitely stay there again 🙂 - 2/24/2019
Julie-Anne Avatar
Accommodation was very comfortable, clean & quiet . Perfect for our vacation. - 11/24/2021
Matthew Avatar
Fabulous place. Incredible warm feeling. - 12/05/2018
Kerri Avatar
A lovely spot nestled amidst the gorgeous Red Rocks. Quiet and serene, with hammocks and a lily pond in the backyard. Within walking distance to Oak Creek and about a 10min drive to Devil’s Bridge trailhead. A wonderful getaway with wonderful hosts! We’ll be back! xo - 5/31/2020
Emily Rae Avatar
Emily R.
Fantastic place to stay and great location! Would book again - 4/11/2022
Danielle Avatar
If you are a spiritual person, this is the perfect place to stay. Jakob and Fabiola are beautiful people. The food and hospitality were second to none. The bed and room were super comfortable. Stargazing on the back patio was amazing. Easy walk to Cathedral rock vortex. Yoga with Jakob is an absolute MUST. Can't wait to come back! - 4/16/2017
Amy Avatar
My stay at Fabiola & Jakob’s was fantastic. The location is truly amazing - walking distance to a beautiful national park with swimming and hiking areas, and also the scenic overlook you see pictured. Yoga mats & materials were made available, which allowed for some truly breathtaking moments of connecting with myself in nature. Their backyard alone is a dream and PERFECT for walking meditation. This is a family who practices what they “preach,” and the energy present throughout their space matches accordingly. A beautiful space for soul restoration in any capacity! - 7/20/2019
Rebekah Avatar
This is a great place to book if you’re traveling to Sedona. Super clean and hospitable. The hosts did not wear masks so I assumed they had been tested for COVID but I didn’t ask. The backyard is super spacious, the room is a great size, the location is perfect. They even gave us free breakfast bc we traveled for a birthday :). I would book here again - 10/04/2020
David Avatar
What a fantastic place! We stayed eight days and didn’t want to leave. Everything was so relaxing—the decor, lack of tv, comfy bed, labyrinth in backyard, and the beautiful view of cathedral rock. Jakob and Fabiola were wonderful and always available to help. I participated in the interfaith service, the morning meditation, and a private yoga session with Jakob and they were awesome. We want to come back! - 3/04/2020
Lisa Avatar
This place is in a perfect location. The short private walk to Oak Creek is unprecedented. Take advantage of this offering!! We enjoyed early morning swims there and the scenery was truly breathtaking. We were also impressed with the privacy of the space (I was a bit curious about it being shared) but everything we needed was in our room. It was set up as a little apartment with a table and en-suite. We enjoyed the backyard one evening and swung on the hammock. It’s very quiet and peaceful and was just the perfect place for my husband and myself to recharge. I akin it to an upscale ashram. We will be back!! - 7/12/2019
Josipa Avatar
Wonderful room, wonderful hospitality and a wonderful overall stay! Definitely recommend this place if you are looking for a clean, convenient and humble room to stay in while you enjoy and explore beautiful Sedona. 🙂 - 7/08/2020
Julie Avatar
We had a great time under their hospitality. Although we didn’t get to physically meet them, they met every expectation we had and more! Will definitely recommend this place for future Sedona travelers and revisits ! - 5/10/2019
Tiago Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola have a wonderful place tucked away in a peaceful neighborhood. We couldn't have asked for a better starting point for hikes with trailheads so close by, coffee minutes away on the downtown strip, and superbly, clear skies to enjoy the twilight. Highly recommended! - 5/06/2021
Sarah Avatar
We had an incredible stay here! It was everything we needed and all of the extra touches like specialty teas and coffee pods were incredibly appreciated. The location was incredible. We will surely be back. Wonderful hosts who obviously care about their tenants! - 10/09/2021
Krystal Avatar
Wonderful retreat! The view is amazing and the location is perfect. - 4/15/2022
Mary Avatar
Great breakfast. Great location. Comfy and spacious room! Private patio. The room attaches to the bottom floor of the house, but you have your own private entrance and could stay completely secluded from the house if you wanted to. On the bottom floor they rent out three different rooms and they all share a larger full kitchen and living area (our room included a private fridge, coffee maker, tea pot, silverware). We found the other guests to be very nice and friendly and all of us booked a yoga session with Jakob outside facing Cathedral Rock. The hike to yoga was a great workout and very nice, great experience doing yoga with Jakob! Overall excellent and I would stay here again if I were in Sedona! - 8/05/2018
Stephen & Susan Avatar
Stephen &.
The hosts are fabulous and the property is unique. Highly recommend staying here and the yoga with Jakob! - 11/06/2017
Brianna Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola are two extremely warm and radiant hosts. The space they offer is warm, peaceful, clean, and cozy. It is everything they describe it as and more. I went to Sedona on a solo trip over my work’s Christmas break. Jakob and Fabiola, as well as their children, offered holiday warmth and cheer while also providing great suggestions for local places to check out. Their children were very kind and respectful. I also booked a healing session with Jakob, which was honestly life changing. I highly, highly recommend this space and will definitely be returning. - 12/24/2019
Raquel Avatar
It has been a dream of mine to make it to Arizona, as my first solo trip since becoming a single mama this stay was more than perfect!!! What a warm and calming place and I crece hosts, day dreaming of my way back already! ❤️ - 5/21/2022
Kimberly Avatar
Very comfortable peaceful environment and fabulous view of cathedral rock!would definitely book again when in Arizona - 4/17/2018
Mark Avatar
Such a wonderful experience! Fabiola was friendly and welcoming. The home is very peaceful. It is located in a beautiful area. We enjoyed the access to hiking without needing to get in the car. We would definitely recommend this place to future guests. - 1/25/2021
Jane Avatar
I had the unique opportunity to unwind with my teenage son at this lovely place after an active week in Phoenix. Unfortunately, Fabiola and Jakob were traveling when we stayed and we were not able to meet them personally or take part in the more spiritual offerings of their home. Misun prepared lovely and abundant breakfasts and we felt well cared for. We happily followed the maps provided to the nearby vortex and basked in the river awhile. We are grateful. Jane and Sam - 7/13/2018
Adriana Avatar
Beautiful views 360. A Zen getaway and a short drive to tourist sites. - 1/22/2021
Melissa Avatar
omg this place was the best! so ice and friendy and you will feel right at home - 12/06/2020
Carol Avatar
Amazing!! I spent 3 nights in the Yoga Retreat Room. So comfortable, beautifully appointed with all you need, one of the most comfortable beds I have ever slept on too! Views from the patio are gorgeous and so is star gazing. Trails within walking distance and close to town but quiet and out of the hubub. Breakfast was delicious every morning and Fabiola and Jakob could not be more kind. I look forward to staying here again. - 1/02/2022
Tia Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's place is a great place to relax and rejuvenate. We had a wonderful weekend. - 10/28/2018
Veronica Avatar
We loved staying at Fabiola's Yoga Retreat Near Cathedral Rock. Excellent location with stunning views and hiking right off your doorstep. The place was charming, comfortable and clean. Hosts are responsive and welcoming. - 12/20/2020
Sandra Avatar
Peaceful, SUPER CLEAN & organized. So incredibly close to everything and ALL THE HIKES!!! 100% recommend! - 6/18/2019
Jason Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola’s place is exactly as others have described: warm, relaxing and comfortable. The daily morning breakfast of fruit, nuts, bagels and bread was delicious and one of the highlights of our stay. The comfy bed provided a good night’s sleep that left us well rested and ready for the following days’ adventures. The warm white robes and cozy slippers were a welcome treat — especially after arriving home cold and wet from a very rainy hike on the West Fork Trail!

My girlfriend had a birthday during our stay and before we arrived I asked Fabiola and Jakob if they had any recommendations for places to eat and/or things to do to celebrate. One of the places they suggested was the ChocolaTree Organic Eatery, which was a perfect fit for my girlfriend’s vegan/vegetarian tastebuds. We went there for dinner and she loved it. And to make the day even more special, when we woke up on the morning of her birthday, my girlfriend found a handwritten “Happy Birthday” note, a small vase of flowers and some delicious vegan cupcakes included with our daily breakfast feast!

To anybody looking for a warm, relaxing, quiet place to return to after daily adventures, or for a place to go where you can just get away from it all and relax, you really can’t go wrong with Jakob and Fabiola’s place.
- 8/24/2018
Lindsey Avatar
Lovely overnight stay! - 4/24/2022
Alka Avatar
This place was a real gem. EXCELLENT location, beautiful views, cool enough in the summer heat, cozy and inviting. Very clean. Beautiful energy. Fabiola was very gracious and kind. - 8/05/2021
Kendall Avatar
It truly felt like an honor and a blessing to have shared in Jakob and Fabiola's space! The location was set among the gorgeous red rocks and it accommodated all of my needs with style and grace. The bed was extremely comfortable and the entire unit itself was very cozy and clean. I genuinely loved all of the reading material, decorations, and utilities that were provided. It was quiet and inviting with a big beautiful open outdoor space. The breakfast was absolutely delicious too! All I can say is thank you. - 2/11/2021
Wendy Avatar
So (Website hidden by Airbnb) a place to heal,and pray! close to every where.. - 1/14/2018
Victoria Avatar
Cozy and quiet spot! Very convenient location for traveling to areas of interests. Enjoyed our stay! - 1/22/2021
Jacqueline Avatar
Very lovely space! Remote near the mountains yet close enough to downtown/uptown Sedona. Fabiola supplies you with so many great recommendations and sight seeing opportunities. There is a beautiful creek within walking distance of the property. My son and I very much enjoyed our stay here. We will definitely be back! - 12/09/2020
Susan Avatar
The room was very clean and cozy, breakfast was sooo delicious, the labyrnth, the fish pond, the hammock and the trampoline were all used. The location was excellent, very close within a short walk to Crescent Moon State Park, overlooking Oak Creek, it is a very calming place to stay. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a calm place to stay. Next time I would like to attend one of Jakob's yoga session and their morning meditation. - 9/30/2018
Paul Avatar
This room was very cozy and very nicely finished. Not to mention the incredible view of Cathedral rock right from our patio. Unfortunately the shared kitchen was closed due to COVID, but there were very nice touches like several ways to make coffee and an assortment of teas.

Fabiola and Jakob were very generous with their local recommendations. And the thoughtful touches were very nice, like having rose hip oil facial wipes for removing sunscreen from your face after a long day!
- 2/06/2021
Denise Avatar
Love this place! Jakob and Fabiola were so nice and welcoming when we first arrived. The house and our room was very lovely and clean. Beautiful inside and views outside were amazing. Trails to the creek were minutes away. We will definitely be back to stay here again. Thank you Jakob and Fabiola for letting us stay in your home! - 9/17/2017
Jennie Avatar
By far the best AirBNB experience we’ve had! Fabiola was so personable and the hospitality was top notch. The daily breakfast was AMAZING and so fresh!!! The bed was comfy, and the room was clean and exactly as pictured. It is such a beautiful and serene property! We didn’t take advantage of the yoga classes they offer as we were busy out and about exploring Sedona... but would definitely consider doing those next time. We absolutely cannot wait to come back here!!! Lovely place, people, and scenery. Definitely reasonable pricing as well. Communication was very prompt and clear. Also we really appreciated the red rocks park pass that was included! I would hesitate to recommend this property to any friends or family traveling to Sedona! - 5/25/2018
Zak Avatar
Recharge your batteries at this oasis. Great energy highly recommend. - 7/01/2018
Edward Avatar
Easy, convenient, clean, and peaceful. The room is comfortable and had everything we needed for our quick one night stay. Wouldn’t hesitate to book this room again! - 3/29/2021
Kelsey Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are truly the most hospitable hosts anyone could hope for! Their home is clean and quiet and the perfect place to return home after a day surrounded by the natural beauty of Sedona. We will absolutely book with them again when we return to the area. - 3/03/2020
Hana Avatar
Definitely recommend for a quiet visit to Sedona. The view from this property is incredible and the energy was peaceful. Would stay here again! - 6/13/2022
Ana Avatar
This charming room is cozy and comfortable, with plenty of amenities within the shared spaces, including a private bathroom, laundry, and kitchen area. Fabiola gave us easy-to-follow directions for getting into the place, and upon our arrival, we found a binder filled with fantastic tips to sightsee and explore around the Sedona area. Fabiola also personally gave us advice for what to see during our stay, which definitely helped us make the most of our two days there. Everything was clean and incredibly charming, with thoughtful touches to the decor, bathrobes, slippers, and a lovely, plush bed. While we didn’t make use of their yoga offerings, I could tell that this lovely retreat is also a place for you to explore your spiritual side if that’s something you’re interested in doing. Personally, we loved the location. We were out of the center of chaos where we could relax, enjoy the views of Cathedral Rock, and go for hikes, but we were also close enough to all the best restaurants and attractions in the main area of Sedona. The perfect balance! Wholeheartedly recommend! - 3/05/2020
Lyndsi Avatar
Lovely place in a beautiful location. Just as it appears in photos. Incredibly prompt communication and generous accommodation. Would most definitely return. - 11/24/2019
Carlos Avatar
Great place to stay. Hosts are extremely hospitable. Will definitely be back for more! Great views. Loved it - 12/13/2020
Deborah Avatar
I highly recommend staying at Jakob & Fabiola’s yoga retreat. It is super relaxing and a perfect place to get away from everything and focus on nature and your own journey. It is super clean, and has everything you need. - 5/03/2019
Teghvir Avatar
Great location, beautiful and clean accommodations, lovely hosts. The evening service was unique, and breakfast nourishing. I highly recommend both. - 11/07/2018
Sierra Avatar
Beautiful room and view! It was very clean and had everything we needed for the three day trip we took. The yard area was also notably amazing, the trees and hammock they had painted a very peaceful and welcoming feeling in our stay. Pictures can’t do the view from the backyard- the view of cathedral rock is breathtaking. Also, inner child was thriving with the trampoline. Definitely will be staying again! - 6/15/2022
Erica Avatar
This place is so great, much better than I had hoped for! Super clean, cozy, serene and a perfect place to relax and reboot your energy. We loved it and will be back!! - 2/06/2020
Parsa Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob were amazing hosts and gave us so many helpful tips during our stay in Sedona. Breakfast was healthy and satisfying and you could tell that every value touch they added was carefully thought out and with love. Also there are some amazing trails, like the Ridge Trail, just a short walk away! Thanks, Fabiola and Jakob for the great hospitality! - 3/04/2018
Ella Avatar
Perfect stay for Sedona! Breakfast was amazing! - 1/31/2022
Kayla Avatar
Fabiola’s space is so beautiful. The decor is my new inspo!! Literally the perfect space for a Sedona stay. The view is incredible as well. She was such a kind & attentive host. I hope to stay in this b & b again in the future! 10/10 recommend. - 6/06/2020
Carolyn Avatar
Fantastic place and value for the price! Fabiola and her family are lovely, and the space has amazing energy and is decorated beautifully. I enjoyed a hike to Cathedral Rock right from the property and an interfaith service during my stay, which were both wonderful. To top it off, the breakfasts are delicious! I only wish I’d had more time there. - 3/22/2021
Janet & Eric Avatar
Janet &.
This place was amazing. The hosts were on top of everything from communication to amenities and beyond. The price is right. The accommodations are clean, spacious, and has everything you need. The yard is beautiful and kid friendly and the views are breath taking. The location was perfect for our Sedona get away journey as we try to go as much as we can. Located next to Oak Creek and just a hop over to town. We definitely recommend Fabiola's and Jacob's comfortable home! Eric & Kortne - 2/06/2022
Zoie Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob were wonderful hosts! Everything was very clean and felt like the get away we were looking for. If you are visiting Sedona for the first time, they are perfect. We will definitely be booking with them again. - 5/05/2021
Andria Avatar
It’s just like the pictures. The backyard area is beautiful with a breathtaking view of the mountains. The guest book is crafted perfectly for newbies to Sedona. The list of restaurants, hiking, activities, and maps are super helpful for planning your stay. - 1/04/2022
Tricia Avatar
Easy, comfortable, friendly hosts and access to the cathedral rock hike straight from their property! - 5/06/2022
Elizabeth Avatar
Beautiful and authentic space to retreat and relax in Sedona. The hosts live upstairs and have created an environment that allows you to feel apart of their lives even though they give you great privacy. The energy I experienced during the meditations in their home was a delight! I look forward to returning. - 11/24/2021
Miles Avatar
This is a beautiful, loving, peaceful space. The hosts are wonderful and kind and the the location is perfect for hiking without having to drive to a trailhead. We cannot imagine a more perfect space in the Sedona area. - 4/26/2019
Megan Avatar
I had the most amazing stay at Fabiola’s! The room was clean and decor was such a fun Sedona vibe. The grounds are beautiful in such a perfect location. Close to cathedral rock, red rock state park, and devils bridge. They were the most perfect hosts as well and provided me with excellent recommendations. I will defiantly return and stay here again. Highly recommend this stay to anyone! - 10/20/2020
Emie Avatar
This is sacred space. The accomodations are beautiful, clean, peaceful. And the energy of Fabiola and Jakob and their space is full of Love, healing and peace. We cannot recommend this space more highly if you are looking to connect more deeply to Self, Spirit, Earth or another. - 6/12/2022
Cassondra Avatar
The Heritage retreat was exactly what we expected and were looking for. A quite hideaway tucked back into the red rocks. It was warm and inviting. The hosts were accommodating and lovely to talk to. It was peaceful and tranquil. - 8/04/2019
Natalie Avatar
Such a wonderful location! The view of Cathedral Rock is outstanding, and there are hiking trails nearby. Not far from town and overall such a great place to stay. - 8/11/2019
Tricia Avatar
What a great place to stay in Sedona! The location couldnt be better. Set enough off of the main road to feel remote, but close enough to get an Uber to the downtown, you get great value with sweeping views and a beautiful outdoor space. Feels a bit like communal living with shared spaces but the hosts provide slippers and robes so even with others around you can relax and feel comfortable in this lovely space. - 2/02/2020
Robin Avatar
Fabiola & Jakob’s were excellent hosts. Very warm and welcoming. Excellent location to hiking. Very clean and quiet environment.
I’ll be back. Very much enjoyed my stay.
Robin Cook
- 2/07/2020
Eric Avatar
Great stay, great location near trail heads, would stay again - 5/07/2022
Michael Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola were great hosts ,very welcoming and helpful for anything we needed. The space was perfect for me and my daughter, and the view from out back was amazing. Only regret is not being able to spend more time - 8/13/2021
Raquel Avatar
This is a beautiful location to get away from it all. Beautiful hikes outside your door
Delicious breakfasts &
Spiritual awakening!
- 10/16/2019
Adriana Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's place was very peaceful and quiet. The room was very cozy and perfect for 1 or 2 people. They served us a simple but delicious breakfast every morning. They live in the center of beautiful Sedona and Cathedral Rock is their backyard. - 1/16/2018
Jeanne Avatar
My partner, Nick & I really enjoyed our stay in the Yoga Studio! We felt nurtured & relaxed in the bright, comfortable space. Waking to the included breakfast every morning was a wonderful treat, as well. We hope to return one day, & I hope that next time we’ll find the time to participate in the evening Kirtan. - 3/26/2018
Gary Avatar
Very quiet and peaceful - 4/23/2021
Colette Avatar
The space is so lovely and one of the best beds I have ever slept in. Thank you for being very responsive and kind hosts. The breakfast included was great and the closeness to the national park was awesome. Highly reccomend - 12/06/2017
Ashley Avatar
Enjoyed our stay more than words can say. Amazing location & wonderful hosts. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a peaceful getaway. - 2/14/2021
Alicia Avatar
Our stay was perfect and the Yoga Retreat had everything we needed and more. Clean, comfortable, and welcoming. The location was great and a short hike to Cathedral Rock with lots of great views along the way. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and hope to come back again. - 5/05/2019
Melissa Avatar
Our only regret about staying at Fabiola and Jakob’s place is that we didn’t have long enough. It is such a spiritual and serene place in the perfect location. It’s off the main strip so it’s nice and quiet but super conveniently located close to anything you’d want to do. Communication was awesome and we felt like family being there. Great for anyone but particularly special for those who are spiritual. - 7/21/2021
Michele Avatar
Truly one of the most amazing places we have yet to stay using Airbnb. We returned again this year and hope to do so again next year. - 2/01/2019
Kathleen Avatar
The views were great. Easy access to hiking trails and swimming holes. The home is clean and comfortable. Guests are on the bottom floor with the quiet family living upstairs. You have a private bathroom with lots of fluffy towels, personal robes and amenities. There is a complete kitchen and living room to use along with 2 more guest rooms. A healthy, hearty and delicious breakfast was served every morning. Fabiola and Jakob are a warm, welcoming, wonderful couple, full of ideas and directions on places to see, restaurants etc. My daughter and I were traveling alone and I felt very safe and cared for along with all the privacy we needed. We stayed for 5 days and were sad to leave. A beautiful home and beautiful family. - 8/02/2017
Alexandra Avatar
Wonderful hospitality and a great place to stay! - 3/16/2020
Terri Avatar
Based on the reviews, I knew this was going to be an amazing place to visit; however, my expectations were still exceeded. Fabiola and Jakob have cultivated a home that is filled with love and positive energy, and guests will notice it as soon as they walk into the tranquil garden area. The guest rooms, dining area, living room all have a feeling of serenity, so it feels like an oasis where visitors can rejuvenate not only the body but the soul as well.

Their home is a short walking distance from the beautiful Crescent Moon Picnic Area and Cathedral Rock, so I was able to take advantage of having that nearby. Additionally, I highly recommend a yoga session as well as a spiritual counseling session with Jakob. I look forward to future visits to this welcoming home.
- 10/22/2017
Adam Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob have a great cozy spot close enough to downtown Sedona but still out among the red rocks. It's a beautiful, peaceful place to sit and relax, with easy access to walk into Red Rock State Park. They were great hosts and made us feel right at home. - 5/28/2018
Kenzie Avatar
This home offers a wonderfully peaceful space in one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re looking for spectacular views just outside your front door, a location just minutes away from favored hiking trails, and a warm and welcoming home that invites you to relax and recharge, than look no further - 8/09/2021
Melisa Avatar
A little piece of paradise. We loved sitting in the beautiful garden and listening to the birds and bees as the sun rose over the amazing view. It’s a quick and very scenic drive into town. Many little details and extras have been thought of. Highly recommend! - 8/11/2021
Melissa Avatar
We loved our stay at this beautiful place! The room is gorgeous, a lot of love to detail and the location is even more stunning. It is away from all the tourism and allows you to see a part of Sedona that many travelers won’t get to see. - 7/04/2021
Mila Avatar
Fabiola’s home is such a lovely Airbnb. The retreat is relaxing and peaceful but also close to so many great hikes from Cathedral Rock to Boynton Trail. I had so much fun here and cannot wait to return. 🙂 - 8/02/2021
Jude Avatar
My stay was beautiful. My aunt and I were welcomed into the yoga sessions that went on during the premises and were provided a delicious breakfast in the mornings. Beautiful location and hospitality. - 2/22/2018
R Avatar
This place is like heaven. A perfect place to reconnect, get quiet and relax. The Creek is walking distance and the space is truly accommodating to all. I loved the morning mediations, breakfast and talks with Rev. Jakob and Fabi the most. Such a loving place. I pray to return with my family some day soon. - 1/12/2021
Isabel Avatar
what a wonderful space! wow! the backyard is beautiful, and the space is so clean & cozy & perfect for a relaxing stay. fabiola is so kind & generous too. 10/10 recommend a stay here! - 8/25/2020
Helen Avatar
We spent two nights and loved the room with all its touches to help us feel at home.
Patio was perfect to sit, relax, enjoy tea, & even star gaze.
Home is located in a beautiful, quiet area away from downtown Sedona & perfect for our short trip. Still home is not far if you want to visit downtown Sedona, Tlaquepaque, etc. Definitely make reservations to Dahl & DiLuca for dinner only a few miles from the home. Been to the restaurant numerous times before & it never disappoints.
Take walk to Crescent Moon Picnic site for closer view to Cathedral Rock & waters of Oak Creek. Beautiful for sure as we enjoyed at night too & star gazing was stupendous!!
Thanks you Jakob & Fabiola!
- 7/06/2019
Kate Avatar
Stunning views and tranquil space. I loved my stay in Sedona. The room, kitchen, and living room were perfectly set up. Having laundry available was a big plus. I would sit in the back garden each morning and listen to the birds sing. Simply magical. - 3/13/2022
Grecia Avatar
This place is unbelievable. It is a great little private room and bathroom under their home. It was private, quiet and clean. There might be some noises but that was rare! It was a great experience to be able to have a 5 minute walks to a lovely creek! They also provide you with a parking pass that saves you time and money!
With COVID we felt safe and secure. Thank you for the wonderful stay will be back soon!
- 11/19/2020
Yolanda Avatar
Definitely recommend this place! Its nestled into the hills off the main road. Clean and peaceful interior and stunning yard space which is perfect for those times you want to chill at ur “hotel” and not be out and about. Plenty of books to read and a kitchen/laundry to use. Best part was being walking distance to cathedral rock and crescent moon. My friend and i walked right into the park while people waited in their cars in a stand still line. And since you can walk you can go there after hours to see the sunset or sunrise. The hosts were very welcoming and responded quickly when we asked for recommendations. Overall great experience! - 7/04/2022
Phyllis Avatar
Loved it here, exactly as it stated in the listing, quiet, restful, and a beautiful view. Fabiola thought of everything and was a great help with finding which hikes to take. Hopefully I will get to come back and enjoy the hikes and accommodations again! Check out the night time sky if you stay here, amazing! - 5/16/2021
Roberto Avatar
A - 1/06/2019
Pei-Ling Avatar
Stargazing in the backyard, soaking in the bathtub, taking in the sight and energies of Cathedral Rock, exploring the town (a short drive away)… such a beautiful, nourishing, and comfortable stay.

The room / space provided everything I wanted and needed for my solo pilgrimage to Sedona. Fabiola and the whole family were so welcoming, and I truly appreciated getting to experience an Interfaith Service facilitated upstairs by Jakob.

I’d happily stay again on my next visit to Sedona!
- 9/03/2021
Charity Avatar
Fabiola's place was the perfect spot for my first time in Sedona. The space was spacious and comfortable. We loved the details that made the space feel full of love and wonder. Even though we did not have access to the kitchen due to Covid, we had everything we needed in our room - refriegerator, microwave, coffee maker, teapot, utensils and plates, fully stocked bathroom, and thoughtful touches all around the space. I loved waking up in the morning for a beautiful meditation in the meditation room - many thanks for the heart space. We could have hung out in the yard all day (hammocks, chairs, labyrinth, tables) and night (since its perfect for star gazing 🙂 ). Cannot wait to come back again. - 6/29/2021
Layton Avatar
VERY quiet space and had a "sacred" feel to it. - 1/01/2019
Hannah Avatar
Fabiola’s place was so lovely - the location was also fantastic, literally a short walk away from Crescent Moon picnic site and has a great view of Cathedral Rock from her backyard! Fabiola gave us food and hike recommendations for the area and was very communicative. Would definitely stay here again! - 10/13/2020
Jennifer Avatar
For our first-time visit to Sedona, we really couldn’t have asked for a better location than Jakob & Fabiola’s quaint yoga retreat-themed room with private bathroom! We had the space to ourselves and our own private entrance. It was beautiful to be able to see the view of Cathedral Rocks right from the backyard! There’s some local trails accessible near the property, which was nice for exploration too. Jakob & Fabiola were very flexible and accommodating with our check-in process and were responsive to our needs. Definitely a cozy & comfortable place to come back to after a day of exploring or even a great place to stay and relax in. - 9/25/2021
Jessica Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's place is in such a beautiful and peaceful area. The views are stunning and the yard was a nice addition to the cozy indoor space. Also, the location was great for us because of the quick access to many mountain biking, hiking, and running trails. Fabiola and Jakob made us feel right at home. It was a perfect little retreat after our Grand Canyon float. Would definitely recommend! - 12/12/2020
Daniel Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s home is beautiful, serene and located within hiking distance to Cathedral Rock. They are very accommodating, the house is spotless and has thoughtful touches throughout. Peaceful surroundings and wonderful hosts. - 11/10/2018
Jasmin Avatar
If you are looking for a beautiful retreat with fantastic hospitality and thoughtful touches, look no further then Fabiola and Jakob's home. The house and private room is exceptionally clean and has all sorts of amenities such as slippers, towels, soaps, writing supplies, guest fridge etc. Practicing yoga under Jakob's guidance is a must when you visit. The hosts are as involved as you would like them to be and are a phone call away. Finally, the breakfast was fabulous and transported me back to Europe! Will be back soon. - 10/01/2017
Casey Avatar
Great breakfast, good location, close to a trail that can take you to Cathedral Rock. Only thing I wish was different was that I can take a shower/bath after 9pm as there is a rule that forbids that. Wish there was A/C provided (they had a vent but did not feel cool air come through) but luckily we can open the window and it felt cool. Overall, great place to stay in Sedona! - 5/06/2017
Briana Avatar
Fabiola is an absolutely wonderful host. The Cathedral Rock room was perfect for our three night stay in Sedona. So close to everything we needed and only a short drive to all the hikes we wanted to hit. Cute, comfortable, safe and accommodating. We felt at home as soon as we entered. Thank you Fabiola and Jakob for offering your home to us. It was perfect. ♥️ - 1/29/2022
Christina Avatar
this place was great!! will definitely stay again! Fabi and her husband where great! highly recommend - 9/17/2020
Sandra Avatar
There's not enough words to describe our gratitude for Fabiola and Jakob. We stayed during the week of our wedding elopement and couldn't have picked a more perfect place.

We were greeted by a family of deer, surrounded by the beauty of Sedona's Cathedral Rock, and lulled into a relaxing atmosphere with the sounds of their nightly meditation.

Fabiola and Jakob gifted us the most unique and special breakfast and gift on our wedding day; for that, we'll always be grateful.

The property itself was absolutely wonderful and easy to travel to the many places on our list.

We are going to treasure our memories made at their home for many, many years and look forward to returning. Fabiola and Jakob are friends we'll hold close in our hearts!
- 11/07/2019
Jessica Avatar
We loved our stay! The house was clean, inviting and a wonderful place to relax. The location is amazing and we enjoyed many hikes around the Sedona Red Rocks. - 7/16/2021
Janessa Avatar
Beautiful home in an excellent location! Loved how close we were to hiking trails and to town. We didn’t get a chance to meet with our hosts Fabiola and Jakob but they were very communicative with the check in process! - 10/11/2021
Miquela Avatar
Fabiola’s guest suite is warm and welcoming. It was perfect for my short stay in Sedona. The private suite is in a perfect location. On my last day I took a short walk to the creek. Very peaceful and serene. I will definitely stay here again when in Sedona. Thanks again Fabi! - 9/11/2020
Arianna Avatar
Such a sweet and tranquil setting. The hosts are kind and welcoming. Such a great spirit there and in a quiet part of town. I loved the short wall to the creek and went daily! I created my own retreat experience and it was a perfect loaction for that. - 7/24/2020
Jazmin Avatar
This! Scenic views, great access to some incredible hikes and wonderful hosts. We were amazed by views of Cathedral Rock and all of the stars, not to mention birdwatching. To top it off, some of the best sunset views in Sedona are just 2 minutes up the road. - 11/03/2020
Catherine Avatar
A perfect stay for exploring the magical red rocks - 12/05/2021
Stacey Avatar
Our stay was way too short. We only had one night but what a wonderful time it was. So many treasures to see on the property and so close to town. We did not get to meet our hosts unfortunately they were to there but I am sure they would have had lots of interesting stories to share. Great place for a family reunion or retreat. We couldn't have loved it more. - 6/30/2021
Laura Avatar
Wonderful location and quiet and clean accommodation. - 11/05/2018
Peggy Avatar
Fabiola & Jakob have created a wonderful oasis. It's a beautiful both in & outdoors. We were so given great recommendations in hiking and dining. It was perfect for our Sedona vacation. - 6/09/2022
Eliana Avatar
This is my second trip staying with Fabiola and Jakob and I can't wait to return. They are simply the perfect hosts. The breakfast was delicious, the bed comfortable, and the services were filled with light and love. I had a wonderful session with Jakob, which I highly recommend. Also had a great massage which was super easy to book and she came to the house. So grateful for this very special place. - 2/28/2019
Megumi Avatar
This place is like a jewel in beautiful Sedona. The room is clean and everything was prepared such a delicate tastes and caring.

I recommend to anyone who is looking for a peaceful retreat.
- 7/07/2022
Natalie Avatar
Peaceful place to rest, amazing view! - 9/01/2021
Caitlin Avatar
A friend of mine and i came here for a wedding. The space was amazing and perfect for what we needed. It snowed the weekend we were there and fabiola was more about accommodating with us because we weren’t sure exactly when we were going to make it there! We could hear her children and some singing every so often. Beautiful space, I hope to book again! Thank you! - 3/14/2021
Erika Avatar
We thoroughly enjoyed our stay with Fabiola and Jakob. The house was welcoming, impeccably kept, and just the perfect location for a quiet night’s rest after a long day of hiking in Sedona. They also offered fresh and delicious breakfast every morning, which was truly a wonderful gesture. We would definitely stay with them again. - 1/08/2018
Jamie Avatar
Beautiful stay. Our room was very peaceful and serene. Absolutely gorgeous views. The room had everything we needed and more. Fabiola was excellent at communication. - 11/10/2021
Amy Avatar
Great space, loved the decor and amenities included! We used the yoga mats provided and went to a nearby hot yoga class (Hot Yoga Sedona). Fabulous had given some suggestions for great outdoor spots as well! Location is great, near Red Rock State Park and a few amazing lookout spots. We made some coffee in the room and took it to enjoy the sunrise! Felt good to get a little bit away from the crowds of Sedona. - 2/18/2020
Bree Avatar
This Airbnb is the perfect getaway in Sedona! It is so cozy and welcoming - my husband and I absolutely loved our stay! A huge perk of staying here is the included red rocks pass and access to the cathedral rock trail from their backyard. Jakob & Fabiola we’re so helpful if we had any questions/needed any recommendations. I highly recommend this Airbnb! - 3/03/2022
Kim Avatar
Great stay! We loved the pond, the labyrinth and the view of cathedral rock. Everything was squeaky clean and friendly host. We would stay there again - 7/05/2021
Andrea & Matthew Avatar
Andrea &.
This place is outstanding! Sedona is expensive, but this little retreat was affordable, quiet, and sports the BEST view of cathedral rock en route. The grounds have a prayer labyrinth, hammock, a pond, and a nice trail to the seasonal creek bed. The room had a cozy bed, mini fridge, and good fixins for coffee. Lastly, the hosts are super friendly! - 4/03/2021
Lauren Avatar
Fabiola’s place was beautiful! You can’t beat the view from their house, I would definitely stay again if ever in the area! Very central location to a lot of hikes and dining in the area. - 7/26/2020
Riana Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are great hosts and their home is filled with amazing energy. They were very communicative and made sure we had everything we needed for a comfortable stay. The space itself is very peaceful and located near many trails and beautiful sights. I highly recommend the mountain-top yoga with Jakob--an amazing experience! - 4/18/2017
Jayne Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob have created a place that is restful and healing to the mind, body and spirit. To mention just a few: magnificent views of Cathedral Rock and the night sky from my private patio, a labyrinth to walk, soft lighting, cozy bathrobes, very comfortable bed and a light breakfast lovingly prepared and delivered. Lots of privacy but also the opportunity to interact with other guests if desired. Thank You! - 5/09/2019
Alex Avatar
This Airbnb is in a great location near Cathedral Rock! - 8/14/2019
Meagan Avatar
We had a lovely stay at Fabiola and Jakob’s place. They are very accommodating, and gave great tips about the area. They made our stay feel very homey. Will definitely come back in the future! - 6/18/2020
Allison Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s place was everything we could have asked for in this trip. The views on the road they live are outstanding and we couldn’t have asked for a better location to everything. We shared the downstairs space with their daughter as she was home from college and she was so accommodating and kind to us. We had plenty of privacy and our own bathroom. The bed we slept in was extremely comfortable and extra towels and robes were provided for showers. Their place is a short walk to beautiful crescent moon park and you can see views of cathedral rock. Jakob and Fabiola offered many spiritual services as well which we would be excited to do in the future when we have more time! They were all wonderful and would highly recommend if staying in this area! - 4/19/2021
Jonna Avatar
This place was so perfect for a relaxing, outdoors-centered trip. We spent two nights and got to enjoy using their kitchen area/ beautifully set up coffee and tea station, and were so amazed by the 2 hour hike to and from Cathedral Rock from their backyard! We would absolutely recommend staying here and had a great time, everything was so well thought out and taken care of.

However, there are a few things I’d like to point out that we didn’t realize before getting there, and were not dealbreakers for us but worth noting:
- they have a young child so you can hear the kid running around in the morning because the family wakes up quite early (7am)
- they allow no alcohol and no drugs and we do like to have a drink or two at night so I wish we would have read closer when we booked. Still, we don’t feel that this changed our experience much or at all
- they ask that you are quiet after 9pm, so if you plan to be up late into the night this is not the place to stay.

We truly did have a phenomenal time staying at Jakob and Fabiola’s, and would love to stay again. The things listed above were just a few nice things to know before booking that I wanted to pass on!
- 5/16/2022
Lisa Avatar
I travel alone and I liked how safe I felt staying here! - 6/11/2020
Kathryn Avatar
Fabiola's place is just as the listing shows. Very clean and I had everything I needed. Besides beautiful plants and trees, there is also a koi pond and a labyrinth. Trails are nearby. There is enough space in the room for two people comfortably and a nice outdoor sitting area, too. The neighbors that I met were very kind. This place is peaceful and filled with love. - 6/28/2021
Gerald Avatar
Overall was and enjoyable stay. Breakfast option was great. Only 12 minute trail walk to great photo options. Enjoyed church service option in the same house. Many tips on trails and restaurants. Jerry G
Scottsdale AZ Thanks for being a great host.
- 6/29/2019
Michael Avatar
Top notch! Beautiful space, professional hospitality. Felt like a private space, but also nice to mingle with other guests. We were on a mountain biking trip and Jakob's place was right near the crescent moon trail head. I hope to stay again! - 1/27/2018
Julie Avatar
Amazing location to retreat and explore. The hosts offer a calm, relaxing, comfortable space to recharge and enjoy your vacation. - 4/03/2019
Sarah Avatar
The best! Their back yard is so magical, you don't even have to venture out much! Exactly what I needed. Super sweet and accommodating. Comfy bed, yummy breakfast. Did an amazing body talk session with Jakob. The house is near oak creek which is the more magical place. You can tell their heart is in the right place with how beautifully nurturing and layed out everything is . Thank you so much for having me and I hope to be back! - 2/11/2021
Kate Avatar
If I could give this place 10 stars I would! I found this place as I was looking for a 30th birthday meditation retreat for my best friend. Not only was it secluded and open, the amenities were fabulous. There was a huge shared backyard with hammocks, a grill, a pond, and a trail that takes you through the lovely community. Inside the room, they set us up with robes, gorgeous decor, local tips, a super comfortable bed, fridge, iron, tea, coffee, etc. They even have a meditation/yoga room upstairs and free class every morning at 6am. The location is perfect with a beautiful view of cathedral rock from the front patio. Fabiola is an absolute dream and so this place! Will definitely be staying again, and will be recommending it for my road trip travel company, Coddiwomple. If you’re looking for stillness, community, nurture, and higher self discovery, this place is perfect. 🙂 thanks guys!!!! - 9/01/2020
Madison Avatar
Wonderful hosts and perfect location! Made our trip to Sedona that much better! - 5/16/2021
Susan Avatar
Meditation and soul seekers; this place is for you. So many great meditation locations that are easily walkable. The space was clean/comfortable. The outdoor patio is very peaceful too. Only a 7 min drive to major restaurants and shops. I will be black! - 5/17/2022
Patricia Avatar
Beautiful setting in Sedona! Very comfortable and clean. - 5/24/2022
Jovan Avatar
It's the perfect place to find your balance. The yoga retreat was great. You can tell that they put a lot of creative energy into the details. I was pleasantly surprised and would recommend their Airbnb to anyone interested in truly experiencing Sedona. - 2/16/2018
Alicia Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob were such kind, welcoming hosts. They made our trip to Sedona really feel like home and they went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. For anyone who values hospitality, I highly recommend booking this Airbnb! - 11/13/2020
Liz Avatar
This sanctuary is purely magical! Fabiola was so graceful and her space is beautiful. There are so many wonderful views near her place and trails within a short walk from her home. It was so peaceful and a wonderful place to come home to after hiking and exploring Sedona. - 12/22/2020
Megan Avatar
We had a fantastic stay at Fabiola’s. It is a comfortable room with nice outdoor space in a great location. With Fabiola and Jakob’s directions we were able to easily walk to Cathedral Rock and Crescent Moon Park from the home. They were very helpful and accommodating hosts. Breakfast was nice bonus. - 5/13/2021
Heather Avatar
Tranquil place to stay - 12/04/2020
Lindsey Avatar
This airbnb is a peaceful haven in a prime location! It’s close to town, but also close to awesome hiking trails like cathedral rock trail. It’s cute and comfortable - highly recommend! - 4/15/2021
Avery Avatar
We had an amazing stay here! My Grandparents joined us last minute and the hosts were super accommodating about letting them stay. Also, my grandpa who’s buddhist was extra excited about the spiritual aspect and was even able to lead a meditation for the hosts and a couple of their friends. 10/10 recommended staying here if you’re in Sedona - 6/19/2022
Marco Avatar
The views and ambiance were great. We loved Fabiolas attention to detail and resources that she provided to help guide us through Sedona. Thank you Fabiola! - 10/25/2021
Chrystal Avatar
fabulous breakfast, great location, peaceful environment, very relaxing - 2/28/2021
Joseph Avatar
A retreat indeed. I wish I had more time as it was perfect. A short walk to the creek and where else would you want to go. Thank you gor such gracious hosts. Many blessings. Joe - 7/28/2021
Ashlie Avatar
I can not say enough good things about our stay. Incredible value for the price! But more than that, the energy of the home is spectacular. I enjoyed sitting in the hammock in the morning watching the bunnies and hearing the birds chirp. On our second morning I joined their morning meditation. It was absolutely fantastic! I would highly recommend this home to anyone staying in Sedona. If I stay in the area again, this would be my first choice. The hosts were so kind and had everything you could need. I can not recommend it enough! - 5/27/2022
Mikayla Avatar
Great place to stay while visiting Sedona! - 4/28/2022
Katie Avatar
Comfy bed with lots of towels and linens. Nice touches added to their house. Great coffee and tea selection. Quiet hours are 9 pm and there is no tv or board games for entertainment. Clean kitchen with lots of utensils for cooking. Everything you need. Great tips for local hikes and places to eat. It’s a shared space with the host family and other Airbnb guests. The only downside is you can hear everything other people are doing but the quiet hours help - 2/06/2019
Aimee Avatar
adorable home in the most incredible storybook scenery. - 3/20/2020
Pamela Avatar
This was airbnb perfection. So many nice little touches, comfy bed, bathrobe and slippers provided, wonderful custom breakfast on a tray, and a location that allows guests to just walk through the beautiful back yard onto trails to the creek and red rocks. Wonderful stay. - 1/03/2018
Victor Avatar
We appreciated the quiet surroundings of this property, away from the busy town. I enjoyed hiking to Cathedral Rock without having to get in the car. Great property, great hosts, excellent Airbnb! - 4/29/2022
John Avatar
10 Stars! Perfect Landing and launch pad! Near to the some of the best features of Sedona ! Look forward to booking a full retreat experience with Jakob and Fabiola! You’ll love it too! - 3/22/2020
Danielle Avatar
This is my fourth stay with Jakob and Fabiola. It was incredible as usual. They have now become family and this is the only place I will stay in Sedona. ☺️❤️ - 9/03/2019
Samantha Avatar
This spot is so fun! We loved being so close to the trails! Being able to see the landscape right outside our door was the best! Thanks again guys! - 1/22/2020
Melissa Vicente Avatar
Melissa V.
Absolutely perfect stay, the views from the room are indescribable . Sedona is breathtaking, we are hoping to be back soon for more hiking!! - 6/17/2022
Rubí Avatar
This home had such good energy!! The family was wonderful, their backyard was beautiful with a great view . Perfect for mindful morning routines. I felt very comfortable. The room itself was decorated so lovingly, very clean, and private. I felt like I was in a hotel! Book the room, it’s well worth it ☺️ - 11/03/2021
Christina Avatar
This is a great place, very sensitive to your needs. Jacob took us on a wonderful yoga hike with views of Cathedral rock and memorable photos. I would love to visit again. My daughter and I will have many special memories of my 80th birthday trip here. - 4/24/2019
Sean Avatar
Highly suggest this Air BnB! Great mix of indoor and outdoor amenities/beauty. Felt very welcomed and comfortable in the space. The views are unmatched. - 6/25/2021
Karen Avatar
Really enjoyed my stay, local hiking, on-site meditation, walking the backyard labyrinth and view of Cathedral Rock. The Red Rock pass was an added bonus. Would have liked to have stayed longer and hope to return. Great get-away for peace of mind and self-healing. - 3/18/2022
Daniel Avatar
Great home and beautiful location! - 5/06/2018
Amanda Avatar
Bliss! - 8/30/2018
Spongie Avatar
What a peaceful and serene location. Jakob greeted us as soon as we arrived with a big smile and helpful information. They provided a wonderful room with all you would need for your stay. We did not take full advantage of everything they had to offer as we booked outdoor excursions on this trip. Next time we will! This was a truely relaxing place. - 10/13/2021
Renee Avatar
This was a great location and great space. Would definitely stay here again when in the area. - 11/25/2019
Maria Avatar
My stay at Fabiola and Jakob’s place was indescribable. I was blown away with their hospitality and thoughtfulness. They were super communicative throughout the whole process from booking through check out. I look forward to staying with them again in my next Sedona visit. Highly recommend to stay here if you are in search of a peaceful and serene stay. Their company is an added bonus. First time to meet my Airbnb host and it was a fantastic experience. - 5/27/2019
Dayana Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are absolutely amazing. Their house is in a beautiful location in the heart of Sedona. I highly recommend staying there, specially if you would like a lovely and peaceful time.
There are plenty of hiking trails very close to the home as well.
Thanks again!
- 10/29/2020
Rachel Avatar
Extremely cozy bed! Deep soaking tub. Lovely breakfast each morning. Quiet and peaceful property. Quick hike to Cathedral Rocks. Kitchen amenities to cook instead of eat out. We loved our retreat! - 3/30/2018
Ellie Avatar
The sweetest hosts! They were very communicative and helpful with anything that we needed 🙂 The outdoor garden was absolutely beautiful - so many places to sit and admire the beauty of Sedona. We were even able to hike to Cathedral rock right out the back door!

The inside of the house got a little chilly at night, but as long as you bundle up you’ll be just fine! They also provide a heater in your bedroom as well:) Highly recommend!
- 12/07/2020
Glendy Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's home is a tranquil retreat center with every amenities you could need. They are kind and resourceful in guiding my stay at Sedona. I wish I had more time to stay in the property. I love this part of town. Looking forward to return. - 9/13/2017
Amanda Avatar
On a scale of 1-10 Fabi and Jakob get a (Phone number hidden by Airbnb) ! Seriously, you don’t want to pass up this opportunity. Everything was met beyond our expectations. We feel like family. Fabi was so sweet welcoming us! Some of her first words with a big beautiful smile was “Welcome Home!” You can tell how intentional every little thing is. And you can feel it all comes from a place of LOVE! - 5/29/2020
Andreas Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola have a beautiful sacred place in the heart of Sedona red rock country! try the yoga hike with Jakob you won't be dissappointed! the location can't be beat! - 4/27/2021
Skylar Avatar
Fabiola’s place is amazing! The value and location is unbeatable. Loved the interfaith/spiritual atmosphere. Great place for anyone to stay for a nice getaway. - 7/18/2021
Hannah Avatar
10/10! Great communication, great breakfast, AMAZING location! I couldn’t believe the views walking out the front door. The backyard is amazing too! My boyfriend even popped the question while we were walking around the back yard! Great place to get engaged! Will re book for sure 🙂 - 3/07/2021
Veronika Avatar
Jakob & Fabiola are a wonderful couple. Their home is clearly full of loving kindness and their family is very beautiful. The nightly devotion with the music and singing, with prayers and communion, were a highlight! I felt very safe and at peace at their retreat house. The breakfast Fabiola prepared was fantastic. Thank you! - 10/20/2021
Kayla M. Avatar
Kayla M.
Great location, great features and really beautiful energy in the home. The bed was luxurious - 11/11/2018
Kayla Avatar
This is a great location! It’s close to everything but still secluded and the view of cathedral rock from the backyard is amazing. There are also nearby trails(walking distance) that have great views. We had dinner at 89 Agave and it was delicious. I definitely recommend doing yoga with Jakob as well! - 10/31/2021
Taylor Avatar
I absolutely loved my stay at Fabiola's place. It was beautiful and comfortable. The best sleep I've had in a while. If Im ever in Sedona again, this is where I would choose to be every time! - 11/16/2020
Stephanie Avatar
This place was just what we needed 🙂 quiet & comfortable, close to everything (within driving distance) of what we wanted to do. Very cute and thoughtful touches to the place. We had a great time with lots of adventures, such a wonderful place to come back to and relax after exploring! - 12/15/2021
Natalie Avatar
This space is beautiful inside and out, and Fabiola and Jakob are great hosts. They respond back immediately and also offer spiritual counseling, meditation sessions, and other yoga. Incredible weekend and space! - 9/10/2018
Dawn Avatar
This is a lovely, serene location in the valley near Red Rock Crossing close to Cathedral Rock. The hosts are very kind and the breakfast was generous and carefully prepared. The room was just beautiful and very comfortable. I felt very well cared for! - 9/26/2018
Colbi Avatar
What a serene place to stay!! I could not have asked for anywhere more perfect. - 11/29/2020
Madeline Avatar
Beautiful, secluded location next to primo hiking and short walk to a swimming hole. Healthy breakfast. Serene, lovely place to spend a few days. - 7/01/2017
Divina Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s yoga retreat place is just perfect for what we need . I would recommend this place to friends who likes peace and quiet. It is very close to Cathedral rock. It is just a few miles to town and the drive is beautiful . We enjoyed our stay . - 9/18/2021
Jennifer Avatar
Fantastic place! - 1/09/2021
Shari Avatar
Great place to stay while visiting Sedona
Fabulous location with beautiful view and near a beautiful creek and trails. Peaceful and relaxing! Mediation sessions available morning and evening. I unfortunately wasn’t able to attend because of schedule but will definitely stay here again when visiting Sedona.
Only downfall and understandably so was shared kitchen not available secondary to Covid. This was not a deal breaker still a great place to stay.
- 5/04/2021
Kelly Avatar
We enjoyed our time at this Airbnb studio, located in West Sedona, central to many vortex hikes, and shops/restaurants. The Airbnb itself was clean and nicely decorated. The place is marketed as a yoga retreat - and while it had yoga equipment (mats and blocks), the Airbnb owners advertise private yoga lessons in their outdoor yoga space ($100 pp/$60 pp if more than 2 people), when I asked the owners to use the outdoor yoga space myself (I'm a yoga instructor & therefore don't need to pay for a class), I got a vague response from them - not directing me to the actual outdoor yoga space. Seemed like it was only an option if we paid...which didn't feel right. Overall tho, the actual place was lovely as a Airbnb studio, but I don't think I'd consider it a yoga retreat. - 4/20/2019
Rachel Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s place was so lovely! They went above and beyond to create a comfortable and relaxing space. The room itself was cozy and also was very stylish. Fabiola and Jakob were gracious hosts as well with plenty of tips on what to do in the area. I highly recommend anyone to come stay and enjoy their beautiful home. - 1/05/2018
Lauryn Avatar
Amazing location and very comfortable room! - 5/08/2022
Dawn Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob were lovely, communicative and gracious. The location is near cathedral rock and provides a great launching pad for all your Sedona adventures. - 2/12/2018
Tiffany Avatar
We had the best night's sleep under the down comforter here and woke up to the sun glancing off the red rock mountains. Jakob and Fabiola are extremely hospitab. The house is also a spiritual learning center and airbnb guests are allowed to join morning meditation and evening devotional services. Thank you for a unique and lovely stay! - 4/25/2017
Ada Avatar
This was a wonderful, relaxing place to stay, with a large quiet garden and a beautiful view of Cathedral Rock.

The room was clean, comfortable and cozy, but big enough for 2 people.

The hosts were very responsive and nice, giving us some great recs for the area.

The only light downside is the kitchen isn’t available during these covid times, so you need to use the bathroom sinc.

Great hiking available right from the house, but your still close enough to town to drive in if you want.

Highly recommend.
- 1/23/2022
Megan Avatar
The best! Fabiola, Jakob and their family are absolutely splendid! Helpful and kind, you cannot go wrong with their location and hospitality! - 3/01/2021
Noelle Avatar
Lovely place with a very relaxed feel. Soft bed/blankets, tea/coffee table, yoga mats/blocks, wonderful breakfasts brought down by the family. Just a few minutes walk to Cathedral Rock. They even provide a Red Rocks Parking Pass. My flight home was canceled due to snow and Fabiola was nice enough to let me stay in another room, which I think involved a lot of last-minute cleaning on her part and for which I’m very grateful. Thanks, Fabiola and family! - 2/01/2021
Megan Avatar
Had a great stay. Only about a 10 min drive into the main area of town, so location was excellent. Star gazing was incredible from the adorable backyard patio area. Kitchen was available and easy to use. They have their own tea and coffee bar plus eating nook in the living area to enjoy. The room was the perfect size for one or two travelers. It was decorated very cute and had good energy and flow to it. Comfy enough bed and pillows of varying firmness and thickness. Hosts were accommodating to late check in time and responsive to messages in the app. Thanks again to both of the lovely hosts! - 2/10/2018
Lomé Avatar
Perfect hideaway for a peaceful Sedona retreat. Loved this space and thoughtfulness of the host. - 12/08/2017
Hailey Avatar
Perfect for a quiet, restorative experience! - 1/10/2021
Reyna Avatar
We enjoyed our stay very much. The space was warm and bright with thoughtful touches throughout. Fabiola went above and beyond to provide us with contactless breakfast. The view from our front door was incredible. - 12/09/2020
Charles Avatar
great experience working with the host. they are very friendly and helpfu - 1/30/2022
Jazmine Avatar
Such a breathtaking place to stay! Hosts were so nice and welcoming. Breakfast was great 🙂 - 3/08/2022
Ruth Avatar
One of the most unforgettable adventures! Cannot beat the comfort, delicious breakfast and stunning location. We have added this place to our must return to list!

We had come not knowing what to expect and left with amazing memories of doing yoga overlooking Cathedral Rock, hiking the site and spending time in all of the gorgeous places in Sedona. Truly special!

I hope to be back with my bestie soon! Thank you for an all around wonderful experience!
- 11/06/2017
Premo Avatar
Such a nice place! Very peaceful and serene with outstanding views, a wonderful garden and great trails. Fabiola and Jakob are super nice and friendly. They have created a nice retreat. We could leave our car in the parking area on our last day after we checked out so we could go on one of the beautiful hikes close by before hitting the road. Will we be back? Definitely!! - 3/20/2019
Beck Avatar
Such s perfect location for coming back to after a day of hiking. Jakob opens his home upstairs to guests to join in his daily meditation which we were excited to experience. Warm atmosphere. If you are night person this may not work for you as they request quiet and no kitchen use after 9pm. We didn’t mind , but it would be something to consider if you are not quiet at night. Overall we adored the space and would stay again if in the area!!! - 12/30/2018
Hannah Avatar
Fabiola was very communicative and this spot was perfect for my extended weekend stay. The amenities provided such as the breakfast, private bathroom, private space and entrance, outdoor space, meditation really completed my Sedona trip. Would recommend for an immersive red rock adventure. Please note although this is a private space you can hear noises from upstairs but after 9pm it is fairly quiet! - 11/14/2021
Alison Avatar
So many good things to say...perfect location with views of cathedral rock from the backyard and walking access to trails. Very quiet area but close to lots of food options. Great hospitable hosts. Extremely clean and comfortable space. Great healthy but filling breakfast. Would 100% stay here again and recommend to anyone. - 2/25/2018
Jamie Avatar
If you're staying in Sedona, it doesn't get better than Fabiola and Jakob's! The location is so amazing - I stayed over a holiday weekend when there were a lot of visitors, and the ability to walk to so many of the top trails and swimming holes on our list was a must. Don't have to worry about traffic, parking lots, etc. They have a red rocks park pass that they let you use, which saved us money every time we did choose to drive to a trailhead parking lot. We forgot towels to use for Oak Creek, and they offered us theirs. Our stay was amazing and we will be back! - 9/03/2019
Nicholas Avatar
Highly recommend, Fabiola is a great host! This AirBnB is very close to anything you would want to do in Sedona and you can access a few nice hikes right from your door! - 1/03/2022
Carolyn Avatar
This is a wonderful retreat house-so much positive energy and relaxation. The house has a beautiful setting and is far enough away from the congestion of downtown. Fabiola is a wonderful host-personable and helpful. She serves a wonderful breakfast to start your day. - 3/31/2019
Kyle Avatar
Our stay was great! Fabiola and Jakob were very flexible with our check-in time. We were unsure when we would arrive and they didn’t seem to have any issues with that. Our room was very neat and relaxing as well. - 3/22/2019
C. Tripp Avatar
C. T.
I cannot day enough good things about this amazing place!! Fabiola communicated promptly, provided detailed information about all the local spots to visit, and went above and beyond to ensure my stay was amazing. The entire property has a wonderful Zen vibe, and I couldn’t ask for more gracious and benevolent hosts than Fabiola and Jakob. It truly was a magical experience, and I HIGHLY recommend their place!!! ❤️ - 9/16/2020
Terilyn Avatar
This was such a wonderful stay. The location is amazing and the energy of their home was so welcoming. It felt clean and smelled so good upon entrance! Jakob and Fabiola were awesome. - 9/17/2021
Danielle Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola have become like family. This is the only place I’ll stay when visiting Sedona. - 2/11/2019
Meghan Avatar
Lovely stay! Very clean, lots of shared space that I had to myself, and nice bedroom. Location is very good -- just a little outside West Sedona. Quiet space and a lovely retreat. Definitely would come back! - 10/05/2021
Kyle Avatar
Fabiola was a fantastic host. She made us feel very welcome in her home. Her advice on local spots was great. We would definitely come stay there again! - 8/27/2021
Aly Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are incredible hosts, I would definitely visit again! The yoga retreat room was so cute and cozy. I loved resting in the backyard hammock chair after a long day of hiking. - 4/03/2022
Colin Avatar
This was a real getaway for us. We were able to disconnect from our busy life and truly experience what a retreat is really about, as mentioned in its name. We can’t begin to explain how tremendously special Fabiola’s place is. Surely good for the soul. Fabiola is easy to communicate with and gave us great recommendations for hiking and sightseeing. Such an amazing hostess! We look forward to visiting Cathedral Rock Retreat again! - 8/23/2021
Sarah Avatar
Great location with a fantastic view of Cathedral Rock. Tons of trails nearby & short drive into Sedona. Many thoughtful touches make this room a great place to stay. Thank you. - 3/09/2019
Macy Avatar
The Yoga Retreat room was exactly what we needed it to be. The house itself is located on a quiet road with scenic views. The room was quaint, clean, and relaxing. Although we did not run into the hosts, communication was excellent. We would absolutely come back to enjoy this Airbnb again - 11/17/2021
Bianca Avatar
Peaceful and serene grounds, location was perfect! Delicious bed after a long day of exploring! they serve an energizing breakfast, plenty of fantastic local tips, and thoughtful amenities galore (tea, coffee, comfy robes and slippers, yoga mats, etc..) so grateful for the wonderful space. You can feel the love and nurturing energy abound. Positive vibes ✌️ - 8/15/2018
Maria Avatar
So lovely and hosts were very warm and welcoming. And what a stellar location. Super close to everything and also amazing views. The bed was so comfortable and I appreciated all the space and accommodations in the kitchen and bathroom. I would highly recommend! It was the perfect place for my recharge week! - 7/15/2022
Cristal Avatar
This location is amazing! Close to many hiking trails, stores, gift shops, and restaurants! The scenery surrounding their home is outstanding! Jakob and Fabiola are very knowledgable and help with any suggestions. Would definitely recommend a stay here. - 8/17/2020
Lisa Avatar
This place should get 6 stars! It was wonderful! Very homey (not fancy but clean and charming). The breakfast was delicious and served on a cute tray with a great coffee and tea bar. We did the yoga hike with Jakob and it was wonderful- such great information about the area. He has a calming presence! You won’t be sorry - book this place now! A great value for the price for sure!!!! - 7/16/2022
Jill Avatar
Fabulous. Perfect place to stay in Sedona. Highly recommend. We loves every moment in this beautiful space! - 12/23/2017
Shannon Avatar
A wonderful and serene place located in a peaceful part of Sedona. Our hosts were accommodating to all of our needs and even told about some hikes nearby. My favorite place to stay in Sedona by far. - 8/07/2022
Rachel Avatar
My stay here was so relaxing and gentle. Fabiola is an amazing host and beautiful spirit. I love the location and that we could even hike to cathedral rock from the Airbnb, albeit it’s a longer route. - 5/18/2021
Ijeoma Avatar
Wonderful location by the beautiful crescent moon ranch! Amazing hosts! Great place for a romantic getaway. My husband and I had an amazing time staying here and exploring Sedona. - 8/07/2022
Catherine Avatar
Our stay at Fabiola and Jakob’s home was fantastic! The room (Cathedral Rock Room) was very peaceful and comfortable. We loved having a washer/dryer and our own private bathroom with an abundance of towels 🙂 Sedona is a magical place and the space really captured it! We took an outdoor yoga class with Jakob and it was a highlight of our trip. We definitely recommend staying here if you are planning a trip to Sedona! - 4/20/2019
Ann Avatar
This is a beautiful location. The hosts are available and easy to communicate with. We had a very comfortable stay. - 9/27/2019
Krista Avatar
WOW!! What an amazing trip!! The Yoga Retreat was perfect...the location, the space, the cleanliness and the host was above and beyond what we expected!!! We cannot wait to get back there Thanks again for everything!! - 3/28/2021
Natalie Avatar
We loved staying at Fabiola’s house. It’s very relaxing and comfortable, just as described. You can tell how much joy the whole family gets being hosts. Great location for all you Sedona adventures! - 8/30/2021
Heather Avatar
This stay was the perfect location for us as we explored Sedona! Beautiful location with a view and easy access to Cathedral Rock. Our hosts were very thoughtful in allowing us an earlier checkin due to some weather considerations, as well as checking in with is throughout our stay to see if there was anything we needed. Fabiola recommended some fabulous restaurants which we thoroughly enjoyed! The room was clean, comfortable with amazing outdoor views and a walking labyrinth to experience. I highly recommend staying here and hope to return again sometime! - 9/25/2019
Donna Avatar
My stay at the Cathedral Rock Yoga Retreat was amazing. A comfortable and peaceful environment with awe inspiring views of Cathedral Rock from right outside the door! You have many hiking trails and adventures right there on the property. Jakob provided many suggestions regarding activities and places to eat in the area along with a parking pass. I will definitely recommend the Cathedral Rock Yoga Retreat. - 3/11/2019
Kirsten Avatar
Perfect, just like the pictures and description. Fabiola and Jakob are very accommodating and will help you with anything you need. - 3/06/2022
Tyler Avatar
Awesome place! Incredibly scenic and serene location. The room was clean and well decorated with everything you need! - 10/03/2021
Annamarie Avatar
My stay was absolutely magical. The space is clean and peaceful. The hosts are what make this Airbnb special. They were extremely accommodating and kindly allowed me to attend their meditative services. The meditations were always grounding and lovely. As a solo, female traveler, they made me feel safe and gave my great recommendations for hikes and restaurants. - 1/12/2022
Meisha Avatar
This stay was amazing, very very comfortable and cute! It was truly peaceful! - 1/03/2021
Kimberley Avatar
Warm and cute space. Great location! - 1/20/2020
Suzanne Avatar
This was the perfect spot for a personal retreat. Serene, tranquil, and surrounded by the beauty of Sedona -- I was able to fully relax at the yoga retreat. Fabiola & Jakob are incredible hosts and the breakfast they offered was incredibly yummy and a great way to start the day. I would definitely stay again if I were to come back to Sedona. - 6/26/2022
Bette Lee Avatar
Bette L.
This is a very clean, peaceful home. We were also provided with a wonderful breakfast! - 4/25/2021
Angie Avatar
Fabiola's place is beautiful and close to scenic hiking destinations. We highly recommend her place to anyone wanting to spend a relaxing time at Sedona. - 10/10/2021
Ray Avatar
If you are looking for peaceful with beautiful views this is the place. Cozy space, comfortable sitting area outside and near hiking trails. Loved it. - 10/02/2019
Shelly Avatar
Fabiola’s home is perfectly situated away from the crowds, tucked back next to a beautiful creek. Her property is stunning- overflowing with greenery & a view of Cathedral Peak that will have you in awe. You feel like you’ve got Sedona all to yourself. The room is clean, has every amenity you could want, and has a very comfy bed. Best of all, Fabiola is a sweet soul who welcomes you with an open heart. - 8/29/2021
Paul Avatar
Simply amazing!!! Can’t wait to go back. - 5/03/2022
Lauren Avatar
Perfect location, sparkling clean, gracious hosts...and a labyrinth in the backyard as a bonus! Would happily stay here again in the future. - 4/27/2018
Samara Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are an amazing couple with a beautiful family that extend so much warmth and hospitality the minute you arrive. Our place was great for me and my boyfriend and we enjoyed the closeness to the city as well as to a nearby creek which was beautiful. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for a peaceful retreat with the convenience of the nearby town. - 10/04/2020
Heidi Avatar
Fabiola is a wonderful host and the view is priceless - 8/05/2019
Cassie Avatar
We had a great stay in the yoga retreat while venturing in Sedona. Thank you for such a nice place!
The set up is cool; private room with bathroom, dining area with coffee & tea set up yet there is a full shared kitchen right outside the door. Felt like a hostel set up. Then there is a great yard with amazing views. We will definitely stay again<3
- 2/16/2020
Bekah Avatar
Such a beautiful location! The space is very clean and gorgeous as well. Fabiola was so incredibly welcoming, only wish we could’ve stayed longer! - 1/29/2021
Jennifer Avatar
The Yoga Retreat is perfection. We have been coming and staying here since they opened the retreat house and we absolutely love it. It is the perfect place to unwind and decompress from the stressors of daily life. The views of Cathedral rock from the property are unbeatable. The room is neat and tidy and has all of the elements you need to heat up breakfast and make some coffee or tea. We love attending the morning meditation upstairs in the chapel as well as the evening service they hold Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday and Saturday. We love the way the property is tucked away in such a quiet part of town, but it is still convenient to West Sedona. I can’t wait to come back and stay again! - 12/06/2021
Michelle Avatar
Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience in Sedona and I truly appreciate you and your family and I are hospitality thank you so much - 1/26/2022
Caleb Avatar
Everything was amazing. The room was great - 5/06/2020
Bob Avatar
Jakob and Fabi were awesome hosts. They were kind and warm and they opened up their house to me as if we were old friends. They gave me a feeling of comfort. The location was perfect, with breathtaking views and a nice peaceful atmosphere. I will definitely be going back to Sedona, and when I do, their house will be my first choice of places to stay. - 11/29/2018
Mercedes Avatar
Fabiola & Jakob have a beautiful home in Sedona. I highly recommend a stay in in their home. The guest rooms are connected to the home but have separate private
entrances from the patio area.

There are beautiful views & comfortable places to relax indoor or out in the patio near the backyard.

Fabiola & Jakob are kind and attentive hosts. I had a memorable experience in Sedona & look forward to visiting again soon.
- 5/10/2021
Zach Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola created a wonderful experience with this stay. They recommended a shortcut trail to Cathedral Rock, which took us across a creek! Everything was as expected (or exceeding)—clean, relaxing, revitalizing. They went above and beyond in just so many ways. - 5/04/2022
Marley Avatar
My boyfriend and I drove to Colorado from Los Angeles and stopped in Sedona for two days. I wish it could have been longer. Fabiola's "Yoga Retreat" was private, clean, comfortable, and super cute! Lots of outdoor space on the property and about a 5 minute walk from the creek. Fabiola herself was kind and attentive. She had a booklet of restaurant recommendations and things to do in the area. We didn't have enough time to nearly do all the things we wanted, but that just means that we will have to be back soon. Thank you, Fabiola! - 8/04/2021
Melissa Avatar
My husband and I had such a peaceful and relaxing stay at this wonderful Airbnb while traveling through Sedona. It is evident that a lot of love and care is put into making this place a true sanctuary tucked into a landscape charged with so much goodness. The hosts have a way of leaving you feel like long time friends. A special place, indeed. Highly recommend! - 4/12/2021
Karen Avatar
Fabiola's home was very comfortable, peaceful and clean. The room had all of the amenities we needed for a short getaway. The bed was very comfortable. We especially liked the fact the home was away from the center of town (but not too far) which provided a more peaceful and lovely environment. I highly recommend the breakfast that is offered for a small fee as everything was fresh, delicious and best of all, delivered to your door! The home offers beautiful views of Cathedral Rock and has nice trails that are steps from the home. I highly recommend Fabiola's home and would definitely stay there again. - 2/21/2021
Barbara Avatar
You couldn't have a better location! - 12/05/2017
Stefi Avatar
My stay was only a night but I wish it had been a week! The room and bed was so comfortable, and I thoroughly enjoyed the seating area, books available, and the backyard views and labyrinth. I’d absolutely recommend staying here, and can’t wait to come back again. - 3/04/2022
Theresa Avatar
The location is amazing right next to Crescent Moon, and truly everything we went to see in Sedona was 10 minutes away! It was a fun and relaxing experience! And the rooms, hang out space, outdoor areas were very nice. Seeing the deer walk across the yard in the evenings was a plus! - 6/24/2018
Diana Avatar
I'm a senior citizen and found this room to be so soothing and comfortable. The bathroom is down the hall, and the kitchen and sitting area are convenient and lovely. This is a quiet place - both inside the home and outside. It's two miles from the main road in Sedona, and the scenery is breath-taking. The breakfasts that Fabiola and Jakob provided were excellent, and they were very responsive to my questions. I plan to go back! - 2/26/2018
Ashley Avatar
This is, without question, one of my favorite AirBnB experiences! The hosts are kind, communicative, and so welcoming. The space is exactly as describe and incredibly comfortable. The location is awesome - you are on one of the most beautiful roads in Sedona, and just two miles away from town! I could not have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be back! - 1/02/2019
Yelena Avatar
If you are looking for a beautiful home with an amazing view, look no further! Fabiola & Jakob are amazing hosts - they are kind, warm, and welcoming. There are a lot of nice touches in the space that reinforce that you’ve been thought of. And then there’s the view, nestled into the buttes of Sedona, you’ll rise to the sun-kissed vortexes and sleep under the glorious starlit sky. Seriously, just book it! - 2/11/2018
Ardelle Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s place is the perfect little weekend sanctuary! They were both very welcoming and quick to respond to anything we needed. All Covid guidelines were met and I felt comfortable staying there during the pandemic.
The location was also perfect for all the hikes and activities we wanted to do. Although I am not a fellow yogi, the place is perfect for those that are! We enjoyed our time here and would definitely book this place if we find ourselves in Sedona again!
- 6/28/2020
Cheyenne Avatar
Fabiola’s place is a wonderful relaxing getaway with the perfect amount of privacy, extremely clean, all the amenities you could need + more and a beautiful view of Cathedral rock! We will definitely be staying here again on our next trip to Sedona! - 11/12/2021
Allison Avatar
Beautiful space and views. The drive in and out was a treat. It’s a very short drive from the town of Sedona. Fabiola was quick to respond to my messages and very helpful. - 9/05/2020
Maria Jose Avatar
Maria J.
So lovely! The walk over to crescent moon ranch was closer than I expected, making it very easy to take a hike at any time. The room was clean, it had everything we needed for a stay. We also had fun jumping on the trampoline and exploring the yard! I definitely recommend this stay in Sedona & look forward to booking again in the future! - 7/28/2020
Michaela Avatar
AMAZING spot, great views and listening is accurate! Went out for morning runs around the area and it’s a perfect respite. - 5/09/2022
Cheryl Avatar
What a private and relaxing space. The location of the home is amazing! If you're hiking while there, be sure to check out the The Ridge Trail located to the left of the entrance to the park. It was so nice I hiked it twice. The bed was super comfy and the robe and slippers a wonderful addition. The breakfast provided included yogurt with fruit, breads, granola, nuts and hard boiled eggs. A great way to start the day! Thank you Jakob and Fabiola for opening your are perfect hosts! - 3/09/2018
Adeenah Avatar
The space was BEAUTIFUL and exactly what I needed for rest during a retreat I had in Sedona. The owners have mindful touches everywhere. Highly recommend!!!! - 12/15/2019
Joe Avatar
Great location for a getaway, not too far from west Sedona. The backyard has amazing views of Cathedral Rock. I had little to no cell service with T-Mobile but they do have Wi-Fi 🙂 I highly recommend this place! - 3/23/2022
Mark And Hayley Avatar
Mark A.
Such a wonderful experience! Fabiola was friendly and welcoming. The home is very peaceful. It is located in a beautiful area. We enjoyed the access to hiking without needing to get in the car. We would definitely recommend this place to future guests. - 1/25/2021
Clau Avatar
This was a great place to stay. Walking distance from the mayor trails and the creek. The view is amazing and the best of all is the tranquility you feel. Everything was sparkling clean. - 6/14/2020
Mackenzie Avatar
Phenomenal view from a lovely outdoor space.
Comfortable interior with ample space and nice furnishings.
Extremely friendly and accommodating host.
- 5/26/2021
Rebecca Avatar
Beautiful and as described. My daughter and I saw a deer early in the morning walking in the dried-up creek bed! - 6/17/2021
Josh Avatar
Staying at Jakob and Fabiola’s place was our first AirBnB experience and it was a wonderful one! We stayed in the Yoga retreat room which has an attached private bathroom. It was a beautifully decorated and cozy space. The walkout patio is a great spot with beautiful views to sit and sip French press coffee or tea which is provided in the room. Access to Oak Creek with stunning views of Cathedral Rock is an easy short walk from the house. Robes and slippers are a nice extra touch, and laundry is available to wash off some of the Arizona dust from the gorgeous hiking trails. Although we didn’t partake, a light breakfast (upon request) is offered for an additional $5 per person. We hope to return soon! - 4/17/2019
Michelle Avatar
We had a lovely stay at Fabiola’s. The location and accommodations were great. Unfortunately the trails were closed when we visited but Fabiola made sure to give us a heads up and provide alternate suggestions. - 7/02/2021
Megan Avatar
Close to everything but still in a peaceful location. The view was amazing - 6/26/2018
Michelle Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s place was amazing with spot on photos, beautiful view of cathedral rock, wonderful back yard patio and labyrinth, walking distance to crescent moon park (where cathedral rock is) and you can walk in for $2. Breakfast was perfect for me. Loved the quiet peaceful retreat setting. Plus they have additional services you can purchase for counseling, healing, yoga etc. lovely stay! Definite would recommend! - 4/14/2018
Hanh Avatar
I stayed at both rooms, the Cathedral Rock and Yoga Retreat because I didn’t book the room soon enough. They are so popular and are almost fully booked months ahead of time. I love both places and Jakob and Fabiola were very accommodating and welcoming. I got to attend the Sunday meditation session which I enjoyed very much. Perfect place to explore Sedona! I highly recommend this place! - 5/20/2022
Joe Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s place was better than what we had imagined. The space was spotless clean and invited a sense of tranquility and peace. Communication and instructions to get there were clear and efficient. We wish we had had more time to try their meditation and yoga. We would definitely stay again if we visit Sedona. - 12/15/2019
Mary Avatar
Had a wonderful stay with Fabiola and Jakob. They were knowledge about hiking in the Sedona area. They have a wonderful home. Everything was exactly as shown on their listing. I will be back! - 11/12/2017
Rachel Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's place was truly amazing for us and our 4 month old baby. They provided a bassinet for us and brought healthy, delicious breakfasts to our room each morning. The bed was so comfortable and the robes and towels were lush. We each took baths and enjoyed the bath salts and hot water on cold nights. We also were able to keep food in the fridge and had a selection of teas. We have stayed in many Airbnbs and this is one of the best we've ever stayed in. We plan to stay there again next year when we are in town! - 11/10/2019
Katie Avatar
The location was perfect. The hosts were very accommodating and the yoga hike was incredible. You can hear the family above, but only during the day. The family noise worried me the most when reading the listing, but it was no issue at all! I would absolutely stay here again. So thankful for their travel and hiking tips! - 5/12/2022
James Avatar
I loved my stay. Great location. Beauty, peaceful and magical - 12/10/2017
Josh Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are excellent hosts and very knowledgeable about the area. We had a great time in Sedona and their place is extremely clean! - 3/18/2018
Taylor Avatar
Amazing stay. Can't wait to go back! - 5/17/2020
Meredith Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's house is in a beautiful (and convenient) location in Sedona. I stayed here for 2 nights on my cross-country road trip from NYC to SF and it was a perfect way to relax after many hours and days of driving. It was quiet, clean, with a nice home-y feeling. The house is separate from their living space so it is quite private (there are 2 other rooms available to other guests and only 1 was filled while I was there). Their house is also close to many red rock parks and hikes. I explored 4 different parks/areas in one day (Bonus: they give you a park parking pass so you don't have to pay the parking and entrance fees!). Breakfast was served every morning which was fresh and delicious. Thanks again Fabiola and Jakob! - 4/06/2017
Laura Avatar
We had no idea we were stumbling into such a gem of a space. We chose it for the location, the views of Cathedral Rock, and the lovely looking space. What we discovered was a loving family and a peaceful space that was just a delight to spend time in. We enjoyed meeting Fabiola, Jakob and their family and friends. The room is very comfortable, it really feels like a retreat. Breakfast is yummy and the best deal in town, you can easily walk to Oak Creek and Red Rock Crossing and we loved attending services in the evening. Thank you Merchant family!! - 11/16/2019
Selena Avatar
We had a wonderful experience at this airbnb! The room is comfortable & the breakfasts are perfect to start the day. The view is incredible & there are a few trails nearby that are perfect if you want to escape crowds. Our hosts have us wonderful suggestions for restaurants as well! - 2/01/2022
Nesma Avatar
The location was perfect. The studio was beautifully decorated and comfortable. The hosts were so nice and generous, always going above and beyond to ensure I had a relaxing stay. Will definitely stay again. Strongly recommend. - 6/30/2022
Tim Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are very warm and welcoming hosts. They provided many suggestions regarding activities and places to eat in the area. The bedroom was very comfortable and provided a peaceful retreat. Also, the towels were wonderfully plush! There is great hiking throughout the area, including right outside their door. They even provide a parking pass so you don't have to pay fees when hiking in the National Forest areas. We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend Fabiola and Jakob's place. - 2/22/2019
Megan Avatar
Perfect place to stay in Sedona! - 5/19/2021
Phuong April Avatar
Phuong A.
Wonderful location, very close to picturesque trails. Walkable distance to creek! Love everything about this place. Definitely would book again - 7/06/2020
David Avatar
Great location to view what Sedona has to offer. - 3/11/2018
Brianna Avatar
This is wonderful place to stay in Sedona! The view right outside the room is phenomenal. Even though the room was attached to the home, we were still given a ton of privacy. The home is close to many trails and water holes. It’s a bit of a drive into town but not bad at all. - 7/10/2020
Gabrielle Avatar
Best hosts ever! Although I did not meet them, they made sure I was okay for checkin and checkout. While I was there, they left a free red rock day pass, so my guest and I spent the day before my birthday climbing cathedral rock (we made it to the top by the way). There was a binder with additional information: WiFi, nearby trails, restaurants, etc. Also, amazing touches to the home: filling breakfast in the morning, quiet peaceful outdoor space for meditation, amazing view of cathedral rock. This stay was everything I needed and more for my birthday retreat. Thank you Fabiola and Jakob. - 6/29/2018
Ibrahim Avatar
Great stay at a beautiful location not far from downtown Sedona. - 10/13/2019
Katie Avatar
If I could give this place 10 stars I would! I found this place as I was looking for a 30th birthday meditation retreat for my best friend. Not only was it secluded and open, the amenities were fabulous. There was a huge shared backyard with hammocks, a grill, a pond, and a trail that takes you through the lovely community. Inside the room, they set us up with robes, gorgeous decor, local tips, a super comfortable bed, fridge, iron, tea, coffee, etc. They even have a meditation/yoga room upstairs and free class every morning at 6am. The location is perfect with a beautiful view of cathedral rock from the front patio. Fabiola is an absolute dream and so this place! Will definitely be staying again, and will be recommending it for my road trip travel company, Coddiwomple. If you’re looking for stillness, community, nurture, and higher self discovery, this place is perfect. 🙂 thanks guys!!!! - 9/01/2020
Erica Avatar
Had a wonderful, peaceful stay at Fabiloa and Jakob's! Jakob has great recommendations for hikes and restaurants. We'll be staying with them again on our way back from Page. - 4/29/2017
Margie Avatar
The room was exactly as described and the bed was really comfy. As a female traveling by myself, I felt very safe and would go back again. The Sedona area is beautiful and I highly recommend Fabiola and Jakob's place to anyone visiting the area. - 6/20/2017
Noel Avatar
We feel so fortunate to have found this rental. An amazing location, beautiful views, nearby trails, and outstanding comforts inside the room. We appreciated all the small touches, from tea to coffee, mini fridge, local recommendations, and more. Looking forward to our next stay here! - 5/14/2021
Misha Avatar
Wonderful host!!! Excellent value. Great breakfast and of course daily meditation are huge plus! View from the porch is stunning! Hope we can come back soon! - 5/28/2022
Meagan Avatar
This was a comfortable and peaceful place to stay while visiting Sedona. The location was great as it only took a few minutes to get into town. The drive to their house was beautiful and there were several areas to stop and look at the sunset along the way. Breakfast was served each morning and was a perfect way to start the day. We had everything we needed and more in our room. We enjoyed our stay very much and would love to come here again! - 6/03/2018
Page Avatar
This is a great place. The location is wonderful and I was impressed with all the thoughtful touches. - 12/23/2018
Bridgette Avatar
Loved this place! The room is like an oasis They provide a healthy and delicious breakfast each day and the house is close to downtown sedona (near the hiking trails too!). It was perfect! Thank you! - 11/20/2017
Bizzy Avatar
We had a wonderful time at Fabiola’s place. She was very communicative and gave us easy instructions to check in and said hi when we arrived. Otherwise it was very private and their home and garden are so peaceful! The location is great, you can walk to cathedral rock and the river from the house and easily avoid crowds. I highly recommend this spot! - 6/03/2022
Yoshi Avatar
If you are looking for a place to relax or to enjoy a hike to Cathedral rock, this is a place for you. Amenities are top quality and their backyard is beautiful with the view of Cathedral Rock. I can't wait to come back to stay there again. - 5/31/2021
Portia Avatar
Fabiola & Jakob were exceptional hosts. From the moment I arrived the warm welcoming atmosphere made me feel right at home. The airbnb is located in the perfect location to enjoy the tranquil beauty of Sedona, but a short drive from restaurants and activites. Thank you again Fabiola & Jakob I will definitely be back. - 4/20/2018
Verne Avatar
Amazing place - 9/21/2020
Jim Avatar
Very private and relaxing. Would definitely stay there again. Thank you - 10/07/2019
Kimberly Avatar
Fabiola provided great locations to visit. She reaches out a day before with check-in instructions. Central location to hiking trails and restaurants. My husband and I had spotty phone service even with wifi. - 2/18/2021
Joelle Avatar
A peaceful and charming place with a great view! They provided a lot of special touches! We briefly met Fabiola, and she was very welcoming! - 3/15/2021
Lisa Avatar
Beautiful place, close to hiking and food. If you stay I definitely recommend having breakfast there… it’s healthy and delicious. - 2/05/2022
Valerieann Avatar
This was a perfect place for me to relax and replenish. I was fed physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Everything was as it’s described and more. The home is filled with love and everything about it nourished me on all levels. I would stay there again. - 1/06/2018
Aurora Avatar
This space is a lot more than we expected. Very spiritual, quiet and serene. Amazing grounds. We will be back. - 10/07/2018
Anam Avatar
Had a great stay here! The place was clean, cozy, and charming. Fabiola was quick to respond and very accommodating with our check in process. Can’t wait to come back! - 9/04/2021
Huining Avatar
Enjoyed the stay here. The room is as pretty as the photos and even exceeded my expectations. Unique location- with a beautiful garden, patio, and the mountains as background. The theme of the room suited Sedona so well. I would highly recommend it!! - 7/12/2022
Christopher Avatar
This place has amazing views and great accommodations. The bed is extremely comfortable and the space seemed larger in person than in the photos. I would definitely stay here again. - 2/18/2018
Jim Avatar
If I could give more than 5 stars, I'd do that. This is one of the best airbnb experiences I've ever had. Fabiola and Jakob have thought of everything they can do to make this experience perfect. The room is serene, wonderful bed with great linens, a tea and coffee bar, frig with jams and creamers, a bath with wonderful tub and shower- I couldn't stop smiling. In addition, I participated in both the morning meditation and night service, and took their tips on hiking in the immediate area. A big plus for me was being able to walk out the door and hike to the wonderful Oak Creek with views and access to Cathedral Peak, and the wonderful, but seemingly unknown Ridge trail, which I hiked twice in one day I loved it so much. I will return to Sedona, and one of the reasons will be to stay at the Yoga Retreat. You will be pleased you made this choice. - 2/20/2018
Lyndsey Avatar
This is a great relaxing get away! Great location if you're looking for some peace and quiet. I loved the hammock in the backyard and the little pond is a perfect spot to sit and read or meditate. I had an incredible hike which was walking distance from the house. - 6/17/2018
Ksenia Avatar
My mom and I stayed for 2 nights and we enjoyed it.
Patio is beautiful, kitchen is full if you want to make a dinner as we did.
Everything is clean and cozy.
Location is perfect, we even got sunrise 4 min from the house, and it was cathedral rock view! Amazing
- 9/23/2021
Hogan Avatar
We had a wonderful stay at Fabiola and Jakob’s.

The location of this AirBnB is absolutely incredible—the views of cathedral rock are fantastic, and it’s in a quiet, secluded neighborhood yet only 10 minutes to all the the restaurants in West Sedona.

The bed was very comfortable. The space itself is the size of a large hotel room, similar to a studio with a small private bathroom. There is a large closet with a sliding double door and additional bedside tables for storage. Since it was February, we used the space heater at night, which was actually too powerful, so we had to turn it down after the first night. The space was very comfortable overall and had lots of nice decorative features that fit the overall vibe.

Jakob and Fabiola are wonderful hosts, exceptionally kind and want to make your stay easy and enjoyable. We would definitely stay with them again.
- 3/05/2021
Michele Avatar
We will definitely return to stay with Jakob and Fabiola the next time we visit Sedona. What they have created is on par with some 5 star hotels I have stayed at, the quality of the furnishings from the bed, linens, and food. The decore is also truly exceptional, down to such tiny details and immaculately clean. There is spiritually uplifting energy reflected by artwork and books available to browse. The location overlooks majestic Cathedral Rock and is only a few miles from an state park where one can hike and take bird watching or nature walks. This is close to the "town" of Sedona with all that offers yet just outside enough to feel be in nature that our souls long for. So grateful for the opportunity to meditate on sight daily and optional services in the evenings as well. We intend to return and will stay with Jakob and Fabiola in their sacred space again. - 1/18/2018
Annaliza Avatar
Enjoyed our stay. We hope to book with them again the next time we are Sedona. - 10/13/2021
Kaila Avatar
Beautiful place. Easy check in. Great communication. - 6/21/2020
Julie Avatar
Our stay here was just what we needed! A quiet, cozy place tucked in the Red Rocks of Sedona. The location is perfect, the bed was very comfortable and we loved the outdoors space to reflect, do yoga and just relax amongst the healing energy of Sedona. - 2/15/2022
Kathleen Avatar
Serene and peaceful place to stay while we explored the beautiful surroundings of Sedona. Would stay here again if we come back! Fabiola and Jakob were very kind and considerate hosts. - 3/30/2022
Holly Avatar
Loved this place, so many thoughtful touches and the location can’t be beat. Just a few minute walk from Oak Creek and beautiful views of cathedral rock. Our 2 yr old enjoyed playing near the creek and in the kid friendly backyard. Highly recommend. - 4/06/2019
Tyler Avatar
Fabiola was very communicative and our stay was all-around wonderful. The views from the back yard are breathtaking, the photos don’t do it justice! Highly recommend. - 12/14/2020
Susan Avatar
Fabiola & Jakob's place was the perfect retreat getaway for us. The place has amazing energy, and is comfortable and thoughtfully appointed with everything you could need. The hiking to the top of Cathedral Rock was epic and within walking distance. Just be prepared to cross a creek. We participated in the evening service which was very special. We would definitely stay again! - 11/11/2021
Senna Avatar
I loved my stay! The energy was incredible, amplified by the Cathedral Rock, of course, but the stunning property, energy of the owners and spiritual space above made for such a replenishing rest and retreat. I had a one day stay, but I cant wait to come again soon and stay longer so I can get full use of the amenities (ie. Trails, hammocks in the garden, meditations, etc.) 🙂
For anyone concerned about COVID, they did a great job addressing their efforts to keep their guests safe. The place was immaculate!
- 12/15/2020
Yesmeen Avatar
Truly a magical sanctuary! The space was so beautiful and zen! The perfect place to relax and wander! Thank you! - 5/18/2019
Krista Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are gracious hosts. They put great care into hosting their guests. Each morning they served a healthy breakfast, which was so thoughtful. We had a very comfortable stay and wonderful time. I would definitely recommend to anybody looking to stay in Sedona. - 3/20/2018
Ashlee Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob are wonderful people. Their place is unique and peaceful. They thoughtfully helped us put together a wedding ceremony that we will forever cherish. Fabiola's breakfast is delightful, the beds are comfortable and the views of Cathedral Rock from the back yard are breathtaking. If you want a place to relax and regroup this is the place for you! - 2/05/2020
Jen Avatar
A beautiful + cozy sanctuary.
We loved how close we were to hiking and exploring.
The view from our patio was incredible and I loved walking the labyrinth before my departure.
Fabiola and Jakob have created a special sanctuary and we are so grateful that they are sharing it.
We will be back!
- 8/19/2021
Alissa Avatar
Best airbnb experience ever! Beautiful room with many thoughtful touches. Kind and responsive hosts. Amazing location! - 2/04/2019
Jessica Avatar
It has the best vibes of beautiful outdoor life but with the comfy bed and amenities. Would definitely stay here over a hotel any day. - 4/15/2019
Jenna Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob were exceptional hosts! Their home is a beautiful sanctuary filled with special touches and lots of love. My room was extremely clean, positive energy, and warm touches all around. Their entire home is very special and nestled in the backdrop is Cathedral Rock and Oak Creek- there is amazing beauty everywhere you look! They had a wonderful breakfast spread in the morning and a tea bar! The location was close to great hiking and the main town. I especially loved the yoga session with Jakob on the red rocks overlooking cathedral rock! I only wish I could have stayed longer! Thank you for a beautiful stay. I will be back again! - 8/10/2018
Skyler Avatar
Great lil place! I recommend this place for a beautifully peaceful stay at Sedona. Loved my experience at this yoga retreat. - 1/17/2021
Jesica Avatar
I had a wonderful and memorable stay here and my room was such a beautiful, safe, light, airy oasis to return to from my adventures each day. I also worked remotely from the bedroom and loved the desk setup and great wifi connection! The kitchen was really convenient as well, and I appreciated the coffee and tea! I can't speak highly enough of this experience - it solidified my love of Sedona and I hope to be back one day! - 2/04/2022
Carrie Avatar
Our couple's stay at the Cathedral Rock Retreat Room was so lovely. We loved the cozy comfort of the room, complete with soft lighting, ample closet space, robes, and house slippers! We were very comfortable in the room and made good use of the kitchen, living room, laundry room, breakfast nook, and sunny patio.

Our hosts left many thoughtful touches that enhanced our stay, including a parking pass for nearby parks and two yoga matts. We used the kitchen to cook several meals during our weeklong stay. The only thing I wish I realized in advance is that there is no stove. I enjoyed our breakfasts using the coffee/tea station and breakfast nook or sitting on the sunny patio. We even lit the candles in the evening for added ambiance.

Their yard is perhaps the most special part of the place. You can see Cathedral Rock from the back yard and can freely wander the pathways and gardens, and their very own labyrinth. There is plenty of patio furniture to enjoy while soaking up the sun and watching the quails.

Those who are spiritually inclined will especially appreciate the bookcases full of spiritual literature from around the world, including some of Jakob's own works. While we didn't partake in any of the devotional services or meditations and counseling offered, I appreciated that they were made available without being pushed upon you in any way.

Jakob and Fabiola make this fairly clear in their description, but expect this to be an early to bed, early to rise family household. We did our best to respect the 9pm quiet hours and no alcohol rule. Sometimes it was hard with our full days, but we never received any complaints. In the mornings, we could hear their child's footsteps running above us or see him exploring the backyard. Their fluffy cat occasionally paid us a visit too! Jakob was extremely responsive to our questions and requests.
- 3/26/2022
Kallie Avatar
Impeccably clean, with attention and care to helpful details. Highly recommend - can't wait to stay again! - 6/09/2021
Sandis Avatar
We loved our stay at Jokobs and Fabiola’s house. We stayed at private bedroom and had everything we needed. Room was beautifully designed and very clean. Breakfast was excellent. Jakob and Fabiola are very friendly and we felt like we are family! Will return next time we are in Sedona! Please try yoga with Jakob and meditation with family. It’s was a lifetime experience. Thank you guys ! - 11/01/2017
Bryn Avatar
Beautiful place to stay with great amenities. Would stay again! - 2/25/2021
Barry Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob have a lovely property at the base of Cathedral Rock in one of the most picturesque locations in Sedona. It is a comfortable space for a couple, in which you essentially share the lower level of their home with one other guest, each with private spaces and bathrooms. It is so quiet and dark in the evening, you can hear the wildlife and see the stars! They provide a nice breakfast with yogurt, fresh fruit, granola, boiled eggs, bagels and coffee or tea. You can walk to Oak Creek and the Crescent Moon Ranch park, or use any of a dozen trails in the national forest nearby. The bed is comfy and the rain shower refreshing. There is refrigerator space, coffee maker, toaster, and kitchen area available, in addition to use of laundry equipment, with permission. We hiked 4 days and appreciated the chance to wash the dust off our clothes! Their home is on Upper Red Rock loop, off Hwy 89A, in the west end of Sedona, away from the heaviest tourist traffic downtown. I am certain there is no better value for lodging in this pricey area. You will feel like you are in your own private Nirvana! - 4/19/2018
Barbara Avatar
Looking for a peaceful stay and an outstandingly beautiful setting? This is it. - 10/16/2020
Carolyn Avatar
I could go on and on about this property. Fabiola and Jakob were incredible hosts and their empathy made all the difference. Beautiful property and comfortable stay. Will definitely come back! - 6/28/2022
Matus Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob's place was absolutely wonderful! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5-stars! Even better than in the pictures! Comfy room, sparkling CLEAN, with excellent service from both hosts when needed! Recommended for anyone who looks for a beautiful Airbnb in Sedona. - 3/18/2019
Cindy Avatar
I will be back again, that is how great my stay was! - 1/21/2018
Robert Avatar
Fabiola & Jacob are wonderful hosts. They have a warm, clean and breathtaking view of the mountains. It is very hard to leave due to the comforts of home, very quiet as well. Will be back here again and recommend they as your next place to stay in Sedona! - 2/14/2021
Mandy Avatar
What a beautiful place. Exceeded my expectations! Will return on my next trip to Sedona! - 3/09/2022
Marie Avatar
A restful, quiet stay with a lovely view. This was a good place to recharge after a tiring day. Comfortable bed, full bathroom and small kitchenette area with supplies for tea and coffee. Thank you for your hospitality Fabiola! - 8/14/2022
Ebonie Avatar
Great location with amazing views! I am looking forward to visiting again! The hosts greeted us upon arrival and shared so many recommendations for food and hikes! Thank you again for an amazing stay! - 5/01/2022
Joe Avatar
Nice quiet respite with super friendly and helpful hosts. It’s a short walk up the road to Crescent park, where you can forge the (COLD!) creek to access a trail to the Cathedral rock trailhead. Very quiet and pleasant w terrific night skies on a clear night. - 1/24/2022
Heather Avatar
I completely loved staying here!! Fabiola & Jakob are excellent hosts. The energy of the home is so beautiful, calming and cozy. I felt so peaceful while I was there. I loved the variety of books available for guests to read. The room itself was lovely, with beautiful views of the mountains. Jakob offers a service in the chapel upstairs during the evenings, which I really enjoyed. This is a wonderful place to relax, renew and center oneself. It is very spiritual and uplifting. - 3/29/2020
Kaitlyn Avatar
Gorgeous little room! We only stayed for a night but the view in the morning was amazing! Thanks again 🥰💕 - 5/22/2022
Chris Avatar
It was a good experience overall - 8/27/2021
Dasia Avatar
This home is lovely! We felt so welcomed, and had the absolute most peaceful experience! - 7/07/2021
Brian Avatar
Lovely space full of zen. Great locate and communication. Nice touches like robe and slippers! - 12/14/2018
Maritza Avatar
the energy in this home, and sedona in general, is magical. if you’re thinking about booking a space to rest while in sedona, just go ahead and book with Jakob and Fabiola. you won’t regret it 🙂 - 3/12/2021
Kana Avatar
Those pictures are exactly same with room and clean and cute. There is awesome beautiful garden and this host is great!!!!!! Soooo great. You guys should choose it!!!!!! - 12/28/2020
Neha Avatar
Loved our stay at the Yoga Retreat room. The space was large enough for two people and the property itself was serene and a perfect representation of Sedona. - 6/20/2021
Elvira Avatar
Fabiola is a great host, answers to queries instantly, met us for check in. Yoga retreat room is a gem, beautiful, very relaxing place. Lots of homely touches and provisions. Hoping to go back to that magical place someday. - 3/19/2022
Jake Avatar
Fabiolas place was the perfect respite we needed. It it walking distance to cathedral rock and a nearby park to swim in oak creek or watch the sunset over cathedral rock. It was a truly peaceful place. The bed was comfortable, the room was cool from the hot summer days, and easy to get into town from. - 6/12/2021
Ernesto Avatar
Absolutely wonderful place. Better than expected! The trails right from the property are amazing, the room was cozy, clean, serene, and thoughtful. Fabiola was very welcoming and friendly. The town was magical. We are definitely coming back! - 8/15/2020
Kaitlyn Avatar
We loved staying at Fabiola’s place! Her early morning breakfast was fresh and delicious and full of exactly what you need ahead of a day of hiking. The room was clean and pretty and her property is peaceful and really hugs you back. PLUS THE VIEWS Fabiola was so helpful and her husband recommended a short walk from their property to Oak Creek which was really special. Definitely recommend! - 2/16/2021
Alec Avatar
This is a lovely place with breathtaking views from the roads coming in and from the home. I only got to stay for one night, but I recommend staying longer as there is much to explore within walking distance (Fabiola recommended we check out Crescent Moon Park and it did not disappoint), and the food (we went to The Hideaway House) a few miles away in town was delectable. Great place to have a trip 🙂 - 12/11/2020
Maggie Avatar
Great place to stay in Sedona! - 2/22/2021
Lesley Avatar
If you are looking for a serene and peaceful getaway this is the place. Fabiola has gone above and beyond with so many thoughtful touches. She pays attention to every detail. If you need anything she responds right away and will give additional suggestions if that is what you want. We were extremely satisfied with our visit and would highly recommend staying here. - 10/14/2020
Becky Avatar
Perfect place if you desire to get quiet and go deep. Gracious hosts, fantastic communication and so many great ideas for places to hike and see beautiful Sedona. Do not miss the yoga hike with Jakob! If you’re seeking healing, consider any of the services/opportunities available here. ❤️ - 9/07/2019
Jane Avatar
Fabiola was a fantastic, gracious host during our stay at her gorgeous home. The Yoga Studio apartment was clean, fresh, private, and gorgeous. She provided us with great places to visit and eat, and was hospitable as can be, all the while respecting our privacy.

The location really is second-to-none with gorgeous views of Cathedral Rock and the road that they are situated on is straight out of a car commercial- with incredible views, lots of switchbacks, and very easy access to downtown Sedona and the surrounding interests.

If you want an incredible drive take 89A from their home, north, through the most incredible scenery of trees, cliffs, streams, and rocks, that are beyond description.

We sincerely cannot wait to return! Thank you to Fabiola and her wonderful family for having us!
- 3/26/2022
Katie Avatar
loved my little getaway to this yoga retreat room! fabiola and jakob are great hosts & made me feel comfortable and welcome. the location is perfect and the views are wonderful. breakfast was delicious too! will definitely be back, thanks for everything! - 1/24/2020
Lindsey Avatar
Amazingly relaxing space with great WiFi! Worked here remotely with their great WiFi speeds during the day and then was able to sign off at night and experience pure zen! A digital nomad’s dream set up. - 11/05/2020
Jeremy Avatar
What a beautiful home! Located right by a gorgeous creek. We were able to take a morning hike over to Buddha beach on our way over to Cathedral Rock (avoided tons of tourists taking this way)

When we arrived we settled in with a meditation. Fabiola and the fam were playing drums upstairs that went perfectly with our meditation. Also, great recommendations for restaurants

Overall, beautiful experience
- 12/31/2020
Lawrence Avatar
Very nice location, beautiful view. Quiet and relaxing environment. - 7/06/2018
Kelley Avatar
Fabiola & Jakob’s place was the perfect getaway! It is cute, clean, and has a great location if you’re looking to hike some of Sedona’s many beautiful trails. Would highly recommend! - 10/10/2021
Nancy Avatar
This was such a wonderful place and experience. Serenity should be the name of this home. The charm of the room and the amenities and the friendliness of the host and the breath-taking views from the backyard put this Airbnb on the top of our places to stay. We would highly recommend this place. - 1/01/2020
Danna Avatar
A great place to stay in Sedona! It was very clean, cozy, and peaceful. Highly recommend staying here! - 10/26/2020
Conchita Avatar
We stayed here one night on May 21, 2017. Fabiola and Jakob were wonderful hosts. Jakob picked us up at the Fiumicino airport at 9P since the apt is very close to the airport. The room, breakfast and all amenities were fabulous. Air conditioning was great too. I would definitely stay here again if I want to be nearby the airport. Also, it is a very quiet residential home. You do not hear any noise. Grazie Fabiola y Jakob. - 5/29/2017
Beth Avatar
I have written many Airbnb reviews but can honestly say this place will exceed your expectations. So many thoughtful touches including fluffy bathrobes and towels, slippers, yoga mats, delicious breakfasts , etc.
The location is stellar - away from the beaten track but close to beautiful views and hiking.
Highly recommend this peaceful and beautiful spot.
- 6/26/2018
Amanda Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob have an amazing place— perfectly located with great offerings. The stay had the peace and tranquillity we had hoped for and more! Hoping to stay again next time we pass through Sedona! - 1/22/2019
Maryann Avatar
Cozy, comfy bedding. Loved the slippers and robes provided. Beautiful views from the back yard and the morning sun coming in through the common area was stunning. - 8/26/2018
Jenna Avatar
Amazing spot, walking distance to crescent moon park which was amazing for swimming holes and picnic beneath the trees. Very close to great hiking trails. Peaceful location, beneath the stars. Very zen vibe. Beautiful views. Hosts were great & available at all times if needed. Bed was very comfortable, it had everything we needed. We really enjoyed it here. - 5/27/2022
Beth Avatar
My stay at Fabiola & Jakob’s beautiful home was just what I needed. It was clean and quiet and relaxing and I’m leaving rested and refreshed. The scenery was amazing and the location ideal. My room was perfect and quiet and inviting. I suggest you order the breakfast, it was fresh and delicious and well worth the cost! I can’t wait to return! ❤️ - 8/03/2019
Judy Avatar
This is such a special place of beauty and peace! I cannot recommend it enough! The space is like your own little oasis and the views outside are awesome! Walk the labyrinth and sit by the lotus pond gazing upon Cathedral Rock. Oak Creek with it's views of Cathedral is just steps away! The night sky with its twinkling stars, meteors and the milky way are just as special as the amazing red rocks surrounding you. If you can stay here, do!! - 7/04/2018
Hannah Avatar
What an amazing, beautiful place! Stayed here with my college friend for 2 nights & so glad we did! Hosts are very friendly, decorations are very neat, extremely clean & comfy. Close to nearby trails! - 8/23/2021
Adam Avatar
Clean and comfortable, well-stocked kitchen. Great location, walked to cathedral rock. - 2/26/2022
Rebecca Avatar
Tucked away in the beautiful and majestic southwestern landscape, the Yoga Retreat is a delight! The home is far enough out of town to enjoy the quiet scenery, but also close enough to get to town quickly. This delightful family also offers up meditation and yoga for a great get-away but you certainly don't have to be into yoga or meditation to enjoy the room and surroundings. You will love it here! - 7/03/2019
Jessica Avatar
This place is so relaxing and wonderful! Jakob & Fabiola were the perfect hosts and their place is a inner faith holistic retreat. Enjoy the place as someplace to crash or as a therapeutic retreat. They offer mediation, massage, yoga, counseling and more. Get their breakfast! - 3/18/2020
Allegra Avatar
Very cute and cozy place to stay! Beautiful views, close to hiking spots, very kind and welcoming hosts! - 2/01/2021
Natasha Avatar
Was very comfortable and clean stay! Super sweet and welcoming host. This Airbnb has a beautiful view of cathedral rock. Wish I stay longer - 8/15/2021
Sarah Avatar
We had the best stay at Fabiola and Jakob’s Place! This is by far one of the best air bnbs we have ever stayed in. It was so cozy, tranquil and clean. They brought us fresh breakfast every morning and even had robes and slippers in the rooms. The location is unbeatable, with stunning views of Sedona’s red rock formations and only minutes from town. Truly a wonderful stay. - 10/13/2018
Dmitry Avatar
Amazing experience!
House located 10 min walking distance to one of the most beautiful hikes in Sedona! no need to drive anywhere .
- 8/01/2021
Nicole Avatar
This place was better than we ever expected. Everything you could ever need is seriously right there! We asked a couple questions about recommendations on what to do and they came right down to discuss with us. Fabiola and Jakob were so welcoming, and had the most incredible positive energy! They made our stay an unforgettable one! - 12/14/2018
Filip Avatar
We enjoyed staying at this Air BnB. The place was cozy, spacious and had a cute charm. The hosts are very nice and responsive. The house is near some great trails and a creek/river overlooking Cathedral Rock. - 9/24/2020
Jaimie Avatar
Wonderful place. Sedona can be hot so nice to have plenty of AC. Breakfast was delicious. Loved the amenities- robes, slippers, plenty of towels, guest frig, a Red Rock pass and more. Close walk to Oak Creek, though it is very busy on weekends. Gorgeous view of Cathedral Rock. Secluded but not far from shopping, restaurants, hiking. I would love to come back! - 7/16/2017
Katie Avatar
I absolutely loved staying at Fabiola and Jakob’s place! Every amenity you could want and nice to have privacy. I didn’t use the kitchen or living space while I was there but it was equally as nice as the studio space. I wish I would have stayed there my entire trip! I would stay again! - 10/24/2019
Kathy Avatar
This is a special place to visit,highly commend doing yoga on the hill, a very comfortable space to stay and the views are fantastic; a great place to refocus. - 10/22/2019
Clayton Avatar
We really enjoyed Fabiola's cozy and clean space. If you enjoy hiking, this is the spot! Within walking distance of some fantastic hikes, including Cathedral Rock. - 1/09/2022
Love Avatar
By and far one of the most pristine places I've been hosted yet
Beautiful Clean Caring Thoughtful and in Beautiful Natural Surroundings and at Sacred Sedona Spot
the Cathedral Retreat with Fabiola and Jakob is truly a Gem
and their Hearts are Warm
Truly Onederful Hosts _/|_
- 2/28/2018
Mark Avatar
The Yoga Retreat is a peaceful and great place to stay! Fabiola and Jakob were great host and they were great communicators!! We will definitely stay here again when we visit Sedona in the future!! - 10/05/2021
Josh Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob included many thoughtful touches that set them apart from other residences such as tastefully decorated rooms and a healthy breakfast every morning. The only observation I have, which has nothing to do with them, is that if you use (Hidden by Airbnb) Maps then make sure you double check your airbnb reservation email to verify the correct address. My GPS somehow had a different address listed under my (Hidden by Airbnb) reservation and took me to the house across the street and caused some confusion until I realized what had happened. Besides that observation, I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and found it a very relaxing retreat after a long day exploring Sedona. - 12/15/2017
Julie Avatar
Beautiful space, quiet, a wonderful place for reflection and relaxation - 2/06/2019
Nicole Avatar
A beautiful, relaxing, and spiritual place. The hosts are incredible people-- Wise, thoughtful, and interesting. I learned a lot! The backyard is gorgeous, and the location can't be beat. Hoping to come back very soon. - 5/14/2021
Matt Avatar
Fabiola and Jakobs place is amazing! Lovely view and great communication and food from the hosts! - 3/20/2019
Jason Avatar
Lovely space in an unbelievably beautiful location. Fabiola is a warm and inviting host who has made a peaceful, relaxing retreat. We loved our stay here! - 7/24/2021
Jovani Avatar
Fabiola's place is right in the heart of Sedona and is so beautiful and welcoming. The view that you have right outside of your window is stunning.

They have a red rock pass for you to enjoy all of the trails, and you're close to a lot of great restaurants and amazing views.

I would would really recommend staying here and am looking forward to staying here again myself.
- 7/13/2020
Joy Avatar
Great host. If you want peace and tranquility you will find it here. If you want tv, noise and crowds this is not the place for you. Great walking trails right out the door. Beautiful breathtaking scenery. The yoga was amazing. The breakfast was fantastic. I will indeed return. Joy from Mn. - 5/05/2018
Rg Avatar
Such a peaceful spot! The hosts were very welcoming and provided excellent recommendations on restaurants and other places to visit in Sedona. If you’re looking for a quiet place to meditate or do yoga, look no further. - 8/08/2021
Svetlana Avatar
The sweetest hosts!
This is an Amazing place with breathtaking views from the roads coming in and from the home.
A great place to stay in Sedona! It was very clean, cozy, and peaceful. Highly recommend staying here!
- 4/22/2021
Linda Avatar
The Yoga Retreat as an enjoyable hike away from the Cathedral Rock Trail with gorgeous views. The space was clean and inviting. The daily breakfast was generous and tasty with fresh fruit, boiled eggs, yogurt, bread and nuts. The location was private, but the shops were a short drive away. We enjoyed sitting on the patio and listening to the crickets and enjoying the mountain views while sipping tea. - 7/16/2018
Sherine Avatar
Lovely, comfortable space. Stayed there for a weekend class and it was great! - 2/10/2019
Adam Avatar
An amazing place for the price! Jakob and Fabiola were very welcoming, even supporting us while my friend was sick. The bed was very comfy, noise was minimal. You can hear some noise upstairs and with any neighboring guests, but this did not affect us at all.
Expect plenty of space inside the home, generous ameneties, local tips, add-on services (if desired), and excellent hiking/views near the backyard.
Also, expect the drive near the house to contain one of the best views you'll find on a Sedona road!

We hope to stay here again in the future!
- 2/16/2020
Andrey Avatar
We typically don’t write reviews because we haven’t encountered an exceptional place...until we stayed at the yoga retreat! loved the peaceful location, details in the room, amazing healthy breakfast, super nice hosts that held meditation sessions every morning and amazing views from the backyard! we will be coming back for sure 🙂 - 3/17/2018
Alaskacopperriver Avatar
This wonderful, serene, gem is a place for peace plus a great view of the Sedona beauty! Hikes are nearby, and the hosts are helpful. 5+ stars! - 11/13/2021
Jessica Avatar
Wonderful place to stay! Would recommend to anyone looking for a peaceful spot in Sedona. - 2/24/2021
Paige Avatar
We loved our stay here! such a wonderful retreat away from snowy, busy upstate NY. The breakfast was so healthy and a great start to the day. We wished we stayed longer, it rained the one full day we had here which was a bummer but the next morning we hiked just a short distance back to Oak Creek and it was so high from all the rain, really neat to see! I recommend doing a session with Jakob, we did a couples spiritual counseling session and it was really helpful to guide us in the right direction. We appreciated everything! - 2/15/2019
Carla Avatar
The house is within a quiet area, away from tourist crowds, and spotless. It has a nice backyard where you can enjoy as many cups of tea and coffee as you like while looking at Cathedral Rock and listening to the birds sing. I travelled on my own and could easily access nearby trails by foot. I also had the opportunity to join a meditation session. I would definitely go back. - 5/16/2017
Maddie Avatar
I had an incredible stay with Fabiola & Jakob! Fabiola responded fast and communicated well. I was able to connect easily to the WiFi since there’s no signal as soon as you enter the property. Everything felt so comfortable and homey. I love it! - 1/16/2022
Stephanie Avatar
Wonderful spot and great hosts! - 11/18/2018
Savannah Avatar
Jakob & Fabiola are generous host. Their home is beautiful and we enjoyed our stay. The property is spacious with breathtaking views. Great walking distance to scenic views and trails. We look forward to visiting again! - 2/13/2022
Jacob Avatar
What a magical place. Oak creek to cathedral rock. Meditation. Yoga. Can't be beat. Thank you so much for this space. - 12/07/2020
Irene Avatar
Awesome place and hosts!!!! They gave us a parking pass for all the trail heads. We loved it that we could walk to Crescent Moon Ranch Park. Parking would have cost us $12 if I remember correctly. - 2/26/2020
Kim Avatar
I came to Sedona for a month for healing and stayed here. Very lovely and cozy space. The views of the red rocks from the backyard are breathtaking. Fabiola is the queen of quick responses and thoughtful touches and I felt so safe and welcome in their Sedona home. One thing to note is that there is no phone service so connecting to WiFi is a must. Otherwise, GREAT stay! - 1/31/2020
Mieko Avatar
Very beautiful and quiet spot with wonderful and lovely hospitality of Fabiola and Jakob. only 5minutes walk to the Red Rock crossing trail where l enjoyed letting my feet soaked in a cool creek with a beautiful view of Cathedral rock. Started a day with 40 minutes morning meditation and finished a day with looking up the millions of stars and the moon on patio. This was a perfect place for my soul retreat. Highly recommend. - 8/26/2019
Victoria Avatar
What a lovely, sweet place in a beautiful location. - 10/21/2018
Jenna Avatar
I booked this space for a personal retreat in the desert, and it was just the space I needed. The spires of Cathedral Rock are visible from the garden, and you'll be provided with a pass to Crescent Moon Picnic Site so you can walk over and experience the energy vortex at the Red Rock Creek crossing. The sounds of little feet up pattering above you are often present. I had heaphones in often, enjoying my music and audio, so it didn't interrupt my personal time. I brought in a bag of simple groceries and had the supplies I needed on-hand to cook meals for myself for 3 days. In Feb 2022 I had the downstairs space, minus a sectioned off area, all to myself. Living room area, kitchen (full fridge), bedroom, and bathroom. There is no oven, but they do have a stovetop, microwave, and toaster so I could make do. The massage I booked with Summer (hosts can provide you with her information) was a highlight, in addition to the proximity to the natural landscape. If you are looking for respite, this is a space where you can find what you're looking for. I found myself. May you find the same <3. - 2/11/2022
Erin Avatar
I would absolutely recommend the yoga room. It's thoughtfully decorated and so VERY comfortable. The bed was divine! The place is just as wonderful as other reviewers say! It's super clean, great location and the hosts communicate well! - 2/10/2020
Scott Avatar
Great quiet location with great views of Cathedral Rock. My girlfriend did yoga with Jakob and couldn’t stop raving about the experience (would suggest others do the same). Super friendly will definitely be staying there if my adventures take me back through the area. - 3/06/2019
Daniel Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s home was the perfect place for me. It peaceful and quiet. Plan on visiting Sedona again and hope that will be able stay with them again. - 10/04/2018
Carol Avatar
sweet spot. enjoyed the excellent tea selection & comfortable bed - 1/19/2022
Joyce Avatar
We had a wonderful stay at Cathedral Rock retreat. The place far exceeded our expectations. We had access to the kitchen and great room which allowed us the space to settle in with all the comforts. The property is a peaceful place to enjoy the view and hang out to relax which we decided to do the day after our most excellent day hike through oak creek and trails to the top of Cathedral rock. We joined Fabiola and Jakob in morning meditation and embraced the love and beauty that this special place holds. Be sure to take a yoga class on the red rock from Jakob, he is a man of light and love. - 10/08/2021
Kelian Avatar
Really enjoyed the spaced, the yoga on the mountain platform was something I will always cherish! - 9/30/2020
Aliya Avatar
Unbelievably beautiful. - 4/09/2021
Michelle Avatar
The stay at Fabiola and Jakob’s home was great. The place is just as the pictures show and the location special. They have a morning meditation at 6am and an evening service. The meditation was a perfect way to start my day. You are at walking distance from Crescent Moon Ranch and Cathedral Rock. Only 10 min drive to town with plenty to do. They were very attentive and have all the tips you need. I definitely recommend. Enjoy this magical place. - 5/29/2022
Jeanette Avatar
This was an amazingly beautiful find! A pure gem to stay at and Extremely clean! The spacious land was breathtaking and so close to the Crescent Moon Hike! I’m absolutely coming back to stay and I’ll refer others to stay there as well! Thank you again Fabiola & Jakob!! - 8/01/2020
Stuart Avatar
We had a great stay in Sedona. Fabiola is a great communicator and extremely friendly. The location of the house is about 10 minutes from downtown Sedona, and a 1-2 mile hike to the popular Cathedral rock trail. The living space was very comfortable, and the house itself has a really nice aesthetic. Would definitely stay here again for a Sedona pitstop! - 10/12/2020
Renee Avatar
This apartment was a little slice of heaven. Ideally located with a view of Cathedral Rock from your backyard patio. The bed was so comfy with organic cotton linens and fluffy pillows. Overall, many thoughtful touches and amenities. Don't miss the wonderful breakfast! - 3/18/2019
Carly Avatar
This space was exactly what we needed for a hiking weekend in Sedona. Quiet space away from the main drag. Laundry machines were very appreciated! - 12/30/2020
Evan Avatar
Amazing little hidden gem!
Fabiola and Jakob are fantastic hosts and will help make sure you enjoy your stay.
- 11/07/2021
Susan Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s roomy and cozy place was perfect! They served fabulous breakfast! The location was ideal— quiet and private—away from busy downtown. - 12/29/2017
Aaron Avatar
Nice place, easy check-in, and great location. We enjoyed our stay and the home was wonderful. - 2/05/2021
Grace Avatar
I cannot recommend staying with Fabiola and Jakob enough! They are beyond warm and welcoming. The space is so tranquil and has access to awesome trails. Yoga with Jakob was amazing and ended up being the perfect spot to watch the sunset. I will absolutely stay there again! - 11/14/2018
Jalen Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob made us feel right at home! We loved our stay and will definitely book with them again. - 11/23/2020
Alyssa Avatar
Wow, what a perfect visit! Jakob and Fabiola were wonderful hosts, thoughtful and courteous, and the Airbnb was everything we hoped for. Beautiful views, a warm and inviting space, and a healthy breakfast each morning, we could not have asked for more. We were hoping for a peaceful and rejuvenating trip and this place was a huge factor in making that a reality. Thank you again for everything, we will be back! - 4/13/2018
Caitlin Avatar
Very comfortable and relaxing place. The hosts we super kind and gave lots of advice on what to do in Sedona. There are other guests on the premises and it's easy to hear noise in the morning and evenings. We really enjoyed our stay and drinking coffee on the back porch! - 10/21/2020
Erika Avatar
Second time staying with Jakob and Fabiola. We love their peaceful home so much we can’t wait to come back. - 12/17/2018
Allie Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob’s place is BEAUTIFUL. They put so much love into each and every detail — I was truly blown away. STAY HERE !!!!! It will make your stay in Sedona even MORE magical, trust me 🙂 truly unforgettable!!! Thank you so much - 12/01/2021
Alexa Avatar
Comfortable and cozy stay with fantastic views of Cathedral Rock from right outside the door. Robes and slippers were a nice touch! We had a very easy and relaxing stay. Room was quiet and private. - 3/04/2019
Amanda Avatar
Everything about this place is wonderful - extra amenities including coffee with french press, breakfast with fresh fruit, cozy robe and slippers, an amazing view of Cathedral Rock, great location and warm inviting hosts that provide a spiritual sanctuary to anyone seeking. This is truly a gem and a place I hope to stay again. - 9/08/2018
Jen Avatar
AMAZING. Smelled delicious at all times, had the best energy, very comfortable and hosts are wonderful. Served a yummy healthy breakfast in the morning, and then we did a morning hike and yoga session with Jakob with a view of Cathedral Rock. One of our favorite places we've ever stayed and we'll be back. - 10/11/2017
Katia Avatar
Beautiful home, would stay again! My parents took the main bed and I slept on the couch - didn’t even need to expand it. Very comfortable and clean home in a beautiful location. Fabiola is a great host and recommended an easy trail for us. She also offers a great deal on a fresh, simple breakfast. - 8/14/2021
Madeline Avatar
Fabiola’s spot is so tranquil and homey. it is a quick 10 minute ride into town and one can access the red rock state park from their backyard. highly recommended!! - 6/22/2021
Austin Avatar
Beautiful place in a beautiful location. Jakob and Fabiola are very accommodating and responsive. Fantastic stay. - 1/07/2022
Sarah Avatar
We had a lovely lovely stay. Fabiola, Jakob, their family, and their Community are delightful. We really enjoyed talking with them and getting to know them a bit. Fabiola graciously gave us walking directions to Cathedral rock from her house. She was responsive to all of our needs, and her guest room is beautiful and very clean. You will enjoy staying here. - 6/06/2021
Priya Avatar
Welcoming, clean, and respectful. Amenities like a shared kitchen, coffee and tea, and bath robes made us feel like we had everything we needed + some special touches. Highly recommend! - 12/21/2018
Carolyn Avatar
Amazing house, setting, and hosts!! We had a great time and will definitely miss Sedona!! - 2/06/2018
Cecelia Avatar
Absolutely wonderful. Views were amazing, and the hiking was walking distance in all directions. The space was wonderful! - 3/01/2022
Alexa Avatar
This was an excellent home base for a solo hiking trip to Sedona! The room was both cozy and spacious and had everything I needed (private bathroom, comfortable bed, futon and small table/chairs). Check in was easy. I loved the location - sort of on the edge of the hustle and bustle of Sedona, on a quiet street. There is literally a gorgeous view of Cathedral Rock from the backyard! The room is located on the lower level of the home and the hosts are early risers - if you like to sleep in late/are a light sleeper, you may notice a little noise from upstairs in the mornings. I really appreciated the in-room coffee and tea! Thanks so much to the wonderful hosts, this was a great introduction to the beauty and serenity of Sedona! - 2/25/2019
Emily Avatar
If you would like a peaceful space away from the major hub of Sedona to reflect, meditate, practice yoga before and after your soul adventures, this is a beautiful home filled with pure and warm energies. The pictures on the listing capture everything very well and very accurately. I wish you could feel the energy within this home, it is magical beyond just the wonder of Sedona itself. You’re in for a treat if you check out the interfaith service in their home on the main/upper level. I am certain I’ll be back, thank you for sharing your home as an oasis for travelers. - 11/22/2021
Craig Avatar
Quiet location away from the bustle of town, although only a ten minute drive to anything. Fabiola was great at communicating and provided us with everything we needed to enjoy our stay. Breakfast was delicious and delivered to our door every morning making for a perfect start to the day. We plan on returning! One thing to be aware of, as stated in the description, this is part of a family home. Although you have private access you will still hear some of what is going on around and above you. We welcomed the pitter-patter of tiny feet in the morning and you should too! Whether or not you choose to participate in the morning meditations or evening services (we didn't), you're a guest in a family home and are treated as such. - 1/08/2021
Yuri Avatar
It was great location and facilities. We enjoyed and pretty much we recommend. - 3/02/2019
Dunia Avatar
Jakob and Fabiola were amazing hosts. Their home is clean, peaceful, and full of good vibes. Hiking and yoga with Jakob is a must! We had a wonderful stay and will definitely be back!! - 6/18/2017
Maria Delfina Avatar
Maria D.
We enjoyed Fabiola and Jakob’s place so much. We would get up to hike before sunrise to the beautiful trail they have only 5 mins away, get breakfast and keep exploring the whole day, then to come back to this beautiful, peaceful, clean, and super comfortable room . Thank you so much for having us. We will definitely come back. - 11/21/2018
Josh Avatar
Magical place! I’ve stayed at many air bnb’s throughout the past decade and this stands out as one of the best. Between the location, the “zen”, the gracious hosts and very fresh breakfasts each morning, I honestly couldn’t think of a better experience. Would come back here in a heartbeat!! - 12/03/2020
Nicole Avatar
I loved my stay here. The room was fresh and clean and the environment felt so peaceful and comfortable. I feel so grateful to have found this gem! - 3/13/2022
Rochelle Avatar
Lovely relaxing stay with Fabiola & Jakob. Gracious and clean space, made for a super relaxing break in Sedona. A full kitchen just outside our door, amazing views from the backyard, a welcoming patio to relax on and a hammock! A hop skip and a jump from Cathedral Rock & the river. Many thanks to these wonderful hosts. Don't wait--go there! - 2/08/2018
Nick Avatar
My wife and I had a great stay in Sedona with Fabiola! Breakfast was very good and had a beautiful backyard. Would stay again! - 12/29/2021
Tamara Avatar
Lovely spot. Really great location, walking distance to Cathedral rock hike. - 7/12/2021
Maya Avatar
We enjoyed our stay at Fabiola and Jakob's place. The atmosphere was very calm and peaceful, the location was great for going down the creek and hiking. We had a great breakfast in a great price. They were very nice and responsive and we had everything we needed. The invitation to join the morning meditation and the evening interfaith service was a very nice bonus. We would love to come back! - 6/29/2022
Milly Avatar
Fabiola and Jakob have a truly lovely place with amazing views of cathedral rock and lovely, personal touches everywhere. They are so caring and inviting and it shows in all they provided. We were so lucky to find out that their place was minutes' walk away from our wedding site and we were there to celebrate our wedding Anniversary! it was all just perfect and we hope to.visit again soon! - 12/09/2018
Jaimila Avatar
Beautiful, bed fantastic, quiet, kitchen avail. Would highly recommend. - 10/07/2017
Peter N N Avatar
Peter N.
Definitely recommend staying here. Fabiola and her family are great hosts. Sedona is beautiful. - 10/09/2020
Yafi Avatar
What a fabulous spot to stay! The place was super clean, the location is awesome, close to everything but quite and peaceful.
We shared the living space with Fabiola’s daughter, which was fine. She was nice and helpful and we still had our private bedroom and bathroom.
It was no nice to have a washer and dryer, full kitchen, different organic teas, nice back yard- a real treat!
- 9/13/2021
Katie Avatar
Wow! This was such a calming and welcoming space. From the views to every single detail they put into the room. There was a map to a creek about 5 minutes away, it was beautiful! - 6/08/2020
Jenny Avatar